Window treatments can keep heat in and cold out at home

Whether you are dealing with the cold cold of winter or the stifling heat of summer, everyone needs to be comfortable in their own home. Many people want to upgrade their air conditioners in summer and their stoves in winter.

However, John Hansen, owner of Suntrol in Bedford Heights, said insulating your home is just as important as providing heat or air conditioning.

“If you don’t keep it efficient, it’s like keeping your windows open all day and running your stove or air conditioner, and that doesn’t make common sense,” Hansen said. “The more efficient you are in your home, the lower your utility bills and spending will be.”

According to the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council, the average Cleveland gas bill was $ 65.43 as of 2019. The average electric bill was $ 97.58. Since air conditioners and stoves make up most of these costs, insulating them to prevent cold or hot air from leaving or entering your home can significantly reduce energy costs.

Hansen said it was important to keep checking windows for drafts, especially if they are older.

“It could be 20 degrees outside, you’re trying to keep your house at 70 degrees, so now it’s going to pull that heat out of the house and try to pull it back outside, and that’s where you can feel the breeze,” Hansen said . “Because that draft is the speed at which the air is moving out the window, and you feel it as a draft.

“If you have old windows that don’t close or seal properly, this is your first line of defense, preventing some of the air from going in or out. So you can swap out the windows and this would prevent this and ensure a good airtight seal. If you have good windows, you don’t necessarily need to replace them. You can use an energy efficient sun protection film that can help reduce the glass that is already missing in order to achieve a good standard. “

Suntrol sells glass reinforcing films that go over the windows of your home. These films will help insulate the house in both winter and summer. Despite intense winters in northeast Ohio, the summer heat in July can still hit average highs of 83 degrees.

“We have some films that we only make for solar heat,” said Hansen. “The sun shines all day and the air conditioning is running to keep the heat out of the house. You can reduce this level and make it comfortable inside and reduce your air conditioning bill.

“… We also have a low-e film that is applied to your windows to provide higher performance for energy savings by preventing winter heat loss from flowing through the glass and preventing solar heat from entering during the summer months. “

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