Window shopping with car and driver

The Window Shop Crew has a special guest this week, the witty and amusing Zack Klapman from the Smoking Tire Podcast. Klapman and Matt Farah work together on a number of projects including their One Take series on Youtube, but one thing Farah won’t touch is Klapman’s E46 BMW M3. Like so many M3s of this year, his example throws a check engine light again and again, which made us think: Maybe we should find Klapman as a replacement for his unreliable car. Even if he doesn’t want our help, we’ll do it anyway.

So we called John Pearley Huffman who presented a delicious 6.0 liter Pontiac GTO from 2005 with manual transmission. Huffman is upset about a number of things, including aftermarket radios, the final order of a C / D Mustang / GTO comparison test, and how easy it is to downshift his Australian-built Pontiac off the heel. Assistant Test Director KC Colwell throws the M3 owner a curveball by choosing an overland-friendly vehicle, but Klapman is delighted with the choice. Plus, a suspiciously cheap Lotus Esprit pops up thanks to Jonathon Ramsey’s incredible ability to find sketchy entries that look and smell like scams.

If you were wondering how many episodes it would take for us to present a car with an Eagle badge, now you have your answer: 48. Assistant Editor Tony Quiroga thinks what must be the most beautiful Eagle Talon in the world. But is his rare, turbo-charged windbag with all-wheel drive enough to claim victory? Watch and see.

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