Window change at the heart of national resilience and recovery plans


The European window and door ecosystem, represented by EuroWindoor, ARGE, European Aluminum, EPPA, ES-SO and Glass for Europe, jointly called on national governments to make window replacement at the heart of national resilience and recovery plans put.

Developing effective plans to replace inefficient windows is a key element for sustainable and environmentally friendly recreation. By replacing windows, permanent energy savings can be achieved and climate neutrality can be achieved. At the same time, people’s quality of life is noticeably improved and the recovery of an important sector of the EU economy is supported.

“Setting specific measures in the national recovery plans to replace inefficient windows is a smart and easy step to make EU buildings more energy efficient and to limit CO2 emissions,” says Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe. “Long-term energy savings could be achieved quickly if national refurbishment and renovation plans effectively supported the introduction of high-performance windows with the right combination of glazing.”

“In order to achieve the ambitious climate targets of the European Commission, higher renovation rates of at least 2% are necessary in the construction sector. When replacing windows in the building envelope, we initially follow the principle of efficiency, ”says Frank Koos, Secretary General of EuroWindoor. “Energy renovations can only be triggered with financial incentives and the gradual introduction of binding minimum standards for energy efficiency.”

The installation of high performance windows meets today’s consumer expectations for a more comfortable, healthier and more healing interior. “New windows in combination with intelligent functions such as dynamic sun protection, dynamic glazing and solar control glass are crucial for the comfort of people in energy-efficient and healthy buildings”, concluded Ann Van Eycken, Secretary General of ES-SO, European Solar Shading Organization.

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