Wind Farm Fryslân starts wind turbine installation


Frisian wind energy for a sustainable future

Breezanddijk, 8 March 2021 – This week, the assembly of the wind turbines of Wind Farm Fryslân in the IJsselmeer was started. From March to June 2021, the 89 wind turbines will be shipped, installed and tested. This is the final phase of the construction project and an important milestone for the wind farm. The close collaboration with contracting consortium Zuiderzeewind and all Frisian companies involved in the project has made that preparations went according to plan. When all wind turbines are connected, they will produce about 1.5 Terawatt-hours (1,500,000 Megawatt hours) of green energy on an annual basis. This is equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 500,000 Dutch households. Wind Park Fryslân accounts for about 75% of the targeted wind energy capacity in the province of Fryslân.

Construction of Wind Farm Fryslân

In the past period, work has been done, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemics, laying 55 kilometres of cables on shore and 92 kilometres of cables in the IJsselmeer, driving in piles for the 89 foundations, building the substation at Breezanddijk and creating the construction island and nature reserve at Kornwerderzand. Frisian companies have been actively involved in the construction of the wind farm. And, in the future they will be involved in the management and maintenance of the wind farm as well.

Economic returns to the region

The province is underlining its promise of a wind farm from and for the province of Fryslân by investing hundreds of thousands of euros from the returns of sustainable initiatives annually throughout Fryslân. This means that green returns spring forth from other green returns, thereby creating a string of sustainable investments in the region. The province also will invest a third of the revenues from its participation in the wind farm in projects in the Frisian IJsselmeer area. In addition to reinvesting returns, bonds will be issued as soon as the park is operational. In this way, the province can truly give something back to the people of Fryslân and something extra for those living near the wind farm.

Wind Farm Fryslân Environmental Fund, which has been formed by now, will receive an annual contribution of over 720,000 euro for projects along the IJsselmeer coast in the Municipality of Southwestern Fryslân for 20 years. The goal of the fund is to support the preserving, improving, renewing and promoting of nature, living environment, tourism, recreation, culture and heritage.

Assembly and installation of the wind turbines

In September last year, Van Oord Offshore Wind was responsible for driving in all the 89 foundation piles into the bottom of the IJsselmeer. On top of these, Siemens Gamesa are building, one by one, the 89 wind turbines. It takes the contractor approximately one and half days to build one wind turbine. Due to the width of the locks around the IJsselmeer, the components of the turbines are shipped to the IJsselmeer and assembled there.

Each wind turbine consists of three tower sections, the nacelle and the rotor. The tower sections and the nacelle are shipped to the IJsselmeer via Amsterdam. The three rotor blades are first assembled in Oude Zeug. The assembled rotor will be installed with Van Oord’s enormous installation cranes on the water. Once installed, it takes some time before the wind turbines start to turn, as every turbine will be inspected from foundation to nacelle before it is put into operation.

Wind Farm Fryslân

Wind Farm Fryslân is being built in the Frisian part of the IJsselmeer at Breezanddijk by contracting consortium Zuiderzeewind. Zuiderzeewind consists of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Van Oord Offshore Wind. Before the summer of 2021, Wind Farm Fryslân will be ready to produce sustainable energy. In addition to the 89 wind turbines at Breezanddijk, Wind Farm Fryslân consists of a new island nature reserve that has been created at Kornwerderzand as well as a special substation at Breezanddijk that will be open to the public in the summer of 2021.

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