Will OLED screens replace flat windows in the future?


Passenger aircraft windows could be a thing of the past if this unique idea takes hold.

A cabin design company can customize the interior of a private jet with wall-to-wall OLED screens that can be used to display films or landscapes of the customer’s choice.

“In the future, airplane windows could be out of date,” says Yasava, the Swiss company behind the concept.

Different sizes are available and the screens can be “added to meet any size requirement” with the company being able to “cover existing windows”.

The views of the OLEDs can be changed at the push of a button while the aircraft is in motion. When asked what kind of landscapes could be displayed, the design firm said, “You imagine, we can do it”.

Yasava’s promotional photos show the screens with a soothing underwater scene, a relaxing forest, and a golden sky above the clouds.

When we asked if a movie or TV show could be shown on the screens, “Yes, indeed!” was the answer.

According to Yasava, the concept has proven popular with its customers – “they can’t stop talking about it”.

It is said that it is currently working on five drafts for aircraft.

However, it should be noted that the OLED screens are not available as a retrofit option. A customer must choose to have the company perform a full cabin design and upgrade of their aircraft interior and request the inclusion of the screens in the package.

Yasava can adapt the screens to different aircraft models, e.g. B. Gulfstreams, Bombardier’s Global and Challenger models, Dassault Falcons, Boeing Business Jets and Airbus Corporate Jets.

This will make aircraft lighter – and therefore more economical – as well as stronger, faster and able to fly at higher altitudes.



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