Wichita Roofing Company Wichita’s Crown Roofing and Solar Company Opens New Office – Press Release

Local Wichita roofing company, Crown Roofing & Solar Company, of Wichita, announced the recent opening of its new office in Wichita, Kansas. The decision to open the new office in a central area in downtown Wichita was made so that the company could better serve Wichita’s homeowners and builders, according to company representative Justin Brown.

“With the active annual storm seasons we get in Wichita, we wanted a central location so we could best serve homeowners to ensure instant response times to hail, wind, or other violent thunderstorms in the city,” he told corporate representative Justin Brown .

For more information about Crown Roofing and Solar Company of Wichita, please visit the company’s website here: https://www.crownroofingwichita.com/

Wichita’s Crown Roofing and Solar Company recently opened a new solar division for the company. The company’s sentiment was that as a local roofing company and an active member of the Wichita community it was important to them to do their part as citizens to protect the earth we all share, and their solar split was aimed at company rep Justin Brown .

“Our solar division not only helps homeowners save money on their utility bills, but also helps them reduce energy consumption by using alternative sources of energy from the sun. We pride ourselves on helping homeowners in Wichita save the earth at the same time To save money, “he told corporate representative Justin Brown.

Wichita’s Crown Roofing and Solar Company was founded in 2020 and appears to have cemented itself as a trusted umbrella company in the Wichita area. A look at their online reviews shows how satisfied customers are with the company’s work. Some of the roofer’s Google reviews are two and three paragraphs long. All nineteen reviews are also rated five stars. Fiver Stars is the highest rating any person gives a company on Google reviews.

Corporate representative Justin Brown had this to say. “Customers choose us because of our world-class reputation with many 5-star ratings, our best guarantees in the industry, and of course, because we are local. With our roots originally in Wichita, we are a local roofing company that cares for our community. While others Roofers may already be out of town and in another town if the dust clears and there is another storm, Crown Roofing will continue to be here to serve our community and our neighbors. “

Those interested in a roof inspection or consultation should contact the Crown Roofing and Solar Company Customer Service Department in Wichita at (316) 320-2239. You can also contact us via the company’s website and filling out the online contact request form.


For more information on Crown Roofing & Solar Company in Wichita, please visit:

Crown Roofing & Solar Company from Wichita
Justin Brown
(316) 320-2239
1436 N Judith St.
Wichita, Kansas 67212

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