Why You Should Paint Your House In Winter


As they are now moving into relatively cooler weather on
the Gold Coast, residents are seizing this opportunity to
repaint their homes. Temperate weather conditions make
painting the exterior of a home a less laborious

When paint is applied in extremely hot
conditions, such as those of the Gold Coast in summer, this
can result in water evaporating out of the paint as it coats
the surface. This thickens the paint and make it challenging
to apply evenly. When paint dries too fast, it can also
become less durable, lasting for a shorter amount of

Some paint brands recommend that a property’s
exterior is ideally painted at a temperature between 15 –
20 degrees Celsius. Ideally, there would also be a light
breeze, and the humidity would sit at around 70 –

That’s why house
painters on the Gold Coast are in such hot demand in the
lead up to and during winter. Bookings are flowing in
quickly for homes to be repainted, as the harsh weather
conditions in the region mean that many houses require a
regular fresh coat of paint.

The colours that are
trending this year are leaning towards the darker side,
despite the warm weather. Black paint is becoming a popular
choice, although Gold Coast residents are opting for more
charcoal-blacks to reduce the amount of heat that a pure
black can attract.

The beige that has been popular
across the past ten years has fallen out of favour, being
replaced by bright whites with contrasting trims. Many
people are choosing colours based on the style of their
home. White paint is often more popular on wooden houses for
a beach-like feel, while those with more modern homes are
adopting a blue-grey colour

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