What you should consider before getting a pool fence

According to the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA), nearly 2.7 million Australians own a swimming pool. Pool ownership is quite expensive, not just during installation, but also on account of ongoing maintenance.

One of the initial expenses that must be maintained for the life of the pool is the pool fence. Mandated by law in all Australian states, pool fencing is governed by regulations, some of which are similar Australia-wide, while others are particular to individual states or city councils.

Pool fencing options are many and may range from DIY aluminium fence panels and glass panels to innovative composite pool fencing. Pool fences are required to keep kids safe and the pool area aesthetically pleasing. But how do you choose the best type of pool fence?

The best pool fence ideas should not only be visually pleasing, but must also take into account a range of factors. These include material; landscape design and aesthetics; local council requirements; and ongoing maintenance budget.

Prioritise pool safety

Ultimately, the whole idea of a pool fence is to keep children safe by keeping them out of the pool area and reducing the risk of falling in and drowning. If you are considering pool ownership – or a new pool fence – your installer, and certainly your local council, will be able to give you the pool fencing guidelines necessary for compliance. You can also visit SPASA Australia and get information about safety barriers for swimming pools.

Generally, in most states, pool fencing must be a minimum of 1200mm tall, with self-closing and self-latching gates. The fencing must be manufactured from materials that cannot be broken through, and there must be no way a child can climb it. Fence gaps must be close enough together to prevent children from squeezing through them, including any gaps at the bottom.

Set your budget for durable pool fence options

Pool fencing does not come cheap, so choose something durable that will last a very long time. Luckily, pool owners have a good choice of fencing styles to suit different tastes and budgets. Regardless of the material chosen, a pool fence must be sturdy, and it must also meet the applicable Australian Standards.

Pool fence materials

Popular pool fence materials include Glass, PVC, Steel and Aluminium as well as a new, sustainable and low maintenance pool fencing option called NewTechWood.

Glass pool fencing

Glass fencing comes with a high price tag and is available in frameless and semi-frameless options. Offering an unobstructed view from either side, glass pool fencing provides an aesthetically modern visual effect. Where some fencing styles make an area appear closed in and smaller, glass fencing gives the illusion of no fence and lots of space.

While glass pool fencing might boast of being maintenance-free and relatively easy to keep clean, some products offer warranties as low as only 7-10 years. 

Of course, glass panels don’t allow for cool breezes to flow through, so if airflow and visibility are important considerations, choose from popular and sturdy fence options such as metal fences; while not completely maintenance-free, metal fencing will last a lot longer than natural timber, with less effort involved.

Wrought iron fencing

Wrought iron fencing comes with intricate designs and looks beautiful. Wrought iron can last a lifetime but requires consistent maintenance to protect against rust and corrosion, which won’t become a serious issue if you attend to it as soon as it appears. It is also very heavy and can be difficult to install. 

Aluminum pool fencing

Aluminium is a popular choice because it is good for coastal areas as it won’t rust or corrode and requires very little maintenance. However, it isn’t as strong as iron and can bend or dent easily.

Timber pool fencing

Timber pool fencing

Timber is beautiful and natural. Unfortunately, however, it also requires a lifetime of maintenance, re-sanding and re-sealing, or painting, not to mention the necessity to guard against white ants.

Composite pool fencing

New to the pool fencing market is NewTechWood composite timber screen boards – the perfect choice when you want that natural timber look without all the maintenance hassles and ongoing expense.

NewTechWood’s UH55 decorative hollow screening boards

For one thing, they are aesthetically attractive and look like real timber. For pool and garden spaces that work better with the natural timber look, NewTechWood is an obvious choice. It is available in four modern colours: Ipe, Ebony, Antique, and Canadian Cedar. Each board is 138x23mm and available in 5.4m lengths.

NewTechWood composite timber boards can be used for a variety of applications such as facades, pillar infills, barrier fences, privacy screens and fencing, including pool fencing.

If you like the natural timber look but don’t like the thought of a lifetime of maintenance, NewTechWood’s screening boards are the ideal solution, offering:

  • Low maintenance – no sanding or painting ever
  • The most natural timber look and feel
  • Full 360° capping for ultra-protection
  • Environmentally-friendly – made from 95% recycled materials
  • Stain and mould resistant
  • UV and fade resistant

Regardless of their application – around a pool or by the coast, these boards will never rust or be attacked by white ants.

NewTechWood composite timber screen boards are easy to install and backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

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