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It is a good decision to install window shutters in your house. Shutters add character to your home while also providing practical benefits such as protecting your windows while keeping you safe from the outside elements, increasing privacy, and regulating natural light. You can choose from a wide variety of shutters for your house. The shutter’s width and length depend on the size of a window or even several windows. Therefore, shutters that you use in combinations on windows must preferably represent the breadth of the window and the same height.

Here are different types of window shutters you can choose from

Interior shutters

Interior shutters are versatile, offering various choices not only in terms of design and color but also in terms of louver scale. If you want to give your home a classic feel, interior wood windows and doors are the way to go. Real wood shutters are spectacular and eco-friendly. The wood comes from plants grown using current agricultural management practices. All of these are accessible in other materials, such as composite.

The manufacturers use advanced materials and techniques that avoid expanding, fading, and warping, ensuring that the charm of your shutters will stay there for a lifetime. Furthermore, the element of practicality does not jeopardize. With their innovative insulating style, you can bring your energy costs to a minimum.

Polywood shutters 

Polywood shutters are made of a high-quality synthetic wood replacement that won’t crack, warp, or chip. Due to various plastic coatings baked upon each shutter and infused with UV stabilizers, the superior colors on such indoor shutters will retain their radiance when exposed to sunlight. If you want to explore a wide range of sturdy polywood shutters, check these guys out

Bahama & Bermuda

Bahama shutters are louvered shutters mounted on the top rather than the side of the frame. These are mainly available to shield windows against storms, including wind debris throughout tropical climates. They also protect from bright sunlight with strong winds inside the halls.

Studio Shutters

Studio shutters, the latest member of the shutter world, are a traditional look plantation shutter with much the same clean look as our Polywood shutters. Studio shutters are indeed a beautiful alternative for residents who would like to keep their window additions under a budget since they have fewer choices than other plantation shutters.

Plantations shutters

Take into account real wood Plantation shutters, which are among the most famous window shutters, for a nicely decorated and classic look. You can choose from a range of colors and finishes for both faux and fake wood shutters, so you’re not restricted in your options. In addition, the big slat sizes let you monitor daylight, transparency, and even ventilation when your windows stay open.


The angular slats in these shutters glow brightly and breeze to move through. Louvered shutters do have a distinct and well-defined appearance that complements every exterior. Nevertheless, they are often associated with imperial, Colonial, Italianate, and other typical architectural styles. Louvered shutters are attached to the window’s edge.

There are many options for you to choose from. Make a wise choice and your house will look beautiful. 

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