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Create shelter

If you don’t want to enclose your patio with a proper roof and sides (a cool, but costly exercise), consider erecting a detached pergola. There are so many inspiring design ideas online and you can even attach curtains to the sides or roll up bamboo blinds for extra protection and privacy. Alternatively, buy a couple of cantilevered umbrellas or create a wind break wall (or two) from bamboo, wood, plastic fencing or trellises to help make the area feel more cosy and contained.

Add heat

Fire pits are always festive (toasted marshmallows anyone?) while built-in fireplaces add a touch of elegance and warmth. You can also use patio heaters such as the tall ones found at outdoor restaurants.

Bring out the blankets

The right soft furnishings will make your patio instantly inviting. Have comfortable cushions and plenty of luxurious throws to keep guests warm (knitted and woven textiles are in right now, as is faux fur). Add an outdoor rug for additional colour, texture and heat.

Remember soft lighting

String fairy lights across your patio and light chunky candles and lanterns to help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

Your patio is an extension of your home, so style it like you would an indoor living space indoors and you’re guaranteed to spend more time on it, regardless of the season.

* Source: Some information and pic from terraoutdoor.com

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