Waco Police tower to get new windows, with $3.7 million in budget | Local Govt. and Politics


“It’s kind of the same reason why you do anything in stages,” Holt said. “There are operational and financial constraints when you do a project, and when those are prioritized you do some now and you do some later.”

The aesthetic reason for the project is readily apparent, said Derrick Oltmann, facilities project manager for the city.

“Those windows have aged quite substantially. … It’s not pretty and I think everyone knows that,” Oltmann said.

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The building’s energy needs for heating and cooling also will go down when modern windows replace the current single-pane glass, he said.

“They are not as energy efficient since they are older windows,” Oltmann said. “And we are trying to improve not only the look, but their efficiency.”

Modifications to the structure that holds the glass in place is needed to accommodate the thicker double-pane windows, he said.

Improved gaskets and a coating giving the windows a slight tint also will boost efficiency, Holt said.

“We are striving to make everything as energy conscious as we can and I think that is an important step to be able to conserve energy if we can reasonably do a project that can help us achieve those goals,” Oltmann said.

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