Vandal breaks windows at Mauhaus Cat Cafe in Maplewood

MAPLEWOOD, MO. – The shop window in the Mauhaus cat café in Maplewood was destroyed early Tuesday morning and the incident was captured on camera.

Maplewood Police received a call from the alarm company at around 2:30 am. The person used a snow shovel to break the window, police said. The shovel was left outside the cafe.

“Fortunately, the cats are all safe, even though they freaked out,” the café wrote on its Facebook page. “Our alarm scared the guy and alerted the police. Our surveillance camera covered the entire incident and the footage was turned over to the police.”

The surveillance video shows a person picking up the shovel and holding it for a few seconds before hitting the window four times. No other people are visible in the surveillance video.

“This is going to be a big expense that we weren’t expecting,” the post said. “Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are so grateful that no one was injured and no cats were lost.”

Police said the cafe owners filed a report and a detective was investigating. The police have received no further reports of similar incidents in the area.

“It seems to be kind of a random thing,” said Maplewood Police Lt. John LeClerc.

On Tuesday afternoon, the broken shop window was replaced with plywood.

Pretty bad morning. Luckily the cats are safe, but what rubbish it is.

– MAUHAUS @ (@MAUHAUScafe) February 23, 2021

The Mauhaus opened in 2016 and serves pastries and coffee. Cats from Stray Rescue Haven also live there to play with or even to adopt.

For more information about the café and help with repairing it, visit the café’s website.

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