Trusted House Painter Helps Paint The World a Better Place


Trusted House Painter is a website/app that helps connect homeowners and real estate professionals with the local painting community of professional painting contractors quickly and conveniently.

How it Works for Property Owners

This free and easy-to-use service allows home and property owners worldwide to post their residential and commercial painting projects to locally trusted painting professionals. Their app acts as a bridge between the homeowner and the painter and creates a seamless experience for managing projects

Homeowners can quickly post their painting project to all local painter members to get painting quotes, or they can privately select the painting contractors of their choice. These two features provide solutions for urgency/planning and public/privacy. Trusted House Painter’s unique platform delivers the post quickly and efficiently to one painter or many painters – to speed up the time it takes to get the painting project started. 

How it Works for Painting Companies

Painting professionals can join the membership platform and receive a tech-friendly and brief 1-page profile that helps them market their grow their painting business. Whether its an experienced painting contractor who wants to extend their online marketing presence or not tech-savvy and just starting up, Trusted House Painter makes it easy to market painting businesses.

Currently, Philadelphia is the first location the app is starting to take off in the U.S.

How The Trusted House Painter’s Solution Benefits

Previously, homeowners would find a painter through word of mouth and couldn’t always find an available, reliable painter with ease. Or they could use an internet search engine and find local painters and call them all one by one with little knowledge of what to expect when the painter arrived to provide a quote. 

With Trusted House Painter, home and property owners have free access to an easy-to-use custom-built form designed to help create and document their interior or exterior painting project needs and communicate all the required details. It makes sure that the quotes and communication received are ‘apples to apples’ and not ambiguous – which causes confusion in the early stages of project management. 

This introduction process of hiring a painting contractor is where most relationships between homeowners and painters break down, and it can be 100% avoidable. 


Posting painting project to all painters allows painting companies to view every local lead in their area so they can see the details before they decide to provide a quote it. This saves them time and ensuring they can keep their painting schedules full and booked as far ahead of time as they prefer. 


Initially, the app was first launched in Victoria, BC, and also serves homeowners.

Homeowners’ clearly defined posts will be quickly responded to by like-minded and available painting professionals who can help service their painting needs. 

Being a cloud-based platform, homeowners can save, archive, and delete their posts at any time. This is beneficial to both the homeowners and the painters because it prepares both parties to communicate with a common framework. It also helps with record management, saving all the details of the project – like paint colors, dimensions, photos, and the painting company that bid on and completed the job. This makes record keeping a breeze and future touch-ups easy to manage. 

Homeowner members also enjoy full access to the Homeowner Toolkit – a library of project management and color design resources that guides homeowners down the path of having a successful painting project. With the help of their comprehensive blogs and video, collection Trusted House Painter continues to help new and experienced homeowners get results. 

Paul has seen the problems that can occur when a homeowner hires the wrong painter for the job. “Over the years, I have seen and heard so many stories of paint jobs gone wrong – because my team was hired to help clean up the aftermath. So over time, I had an idea where we could build a website/community with the proper communication tools for both homeowners and painters, but more importantly, help homeowners plan, prepare and communicate their painting project while connecting to local painting professionals in a simple, transparent and confident manner” Paul says regarding why he built Trusted House Painter. “We have also been starting to grow in Cincinnati”.


The founder, Paul Stein, a 20-year residential and commercial painting professional, realized there was an opportunity to improve communication in the house painting industry and raise the standards of the interactions between house painting companies and homeowners who need their house or property painted. 

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