Top tips on how to paint your house for resale


If you are doing a full exterior repaint, neutrals will appeal to the widest range of buyers. The trend for greys and whites shows no signs of abating so if you want a sure thing, start there. For a modern yet classic take on this colour combination, Resene colour expert Brenda Ngatai suggests a soft black like Resene Element on the roof, front door and garage door, a perennially popular white such as Resene Alabaster on fascia, soffits, window and door frames, and a classic greyed white such as Resene Double Sea Fog on the exterior walls.

If you’re wanting something slightly more adventurous but still appealing, Ngatai suggests a darker, sophisticated grey and black colour scheme using Resene Quarter Fuscous Grey for walls, Resene Atmosphere for the trims, roof and garage door, and a front entrance door in a showstopping deep green like Resene Permanent Green.

Alternatively, pale, dusty tones such as sand, duck egg blue and sage won’t turn people off but will still enhance your home’s features and make it memorable.

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