Top rated local company offers wholesale replacement window prices

(Milwaukee, WI) Milwaukee-based home improvement and window replacement company Guardian Inc. recently published wholesale prices for all major window manufacturers. Because of Guardian’s unique business model, which has no contracted vendors at Guardian, they can eliminate the typical retail markup required to pay commissions to sellers and can now save homeowners thousands of dollars on purchasing replacement windows for their home .

“At Guardian, our main concern is customer satisfaction. To prove this, we work with homeowners to find the exact windows that suit their needs – regardless of the manufacturer – and we help them buy the windows at wholesale cost because we don’t have sales people to pay commissions to said Joe Martis, spokesperson for Guardian Inc., “As an industry leader, our goal is to provide our customers with quality products at affordable prices. This is one of the reasons for our longstanding success in this area. “

Here are the latest facts and figures on the savings homeowners have made by partnering with Guardian, Inc .:

  • A homeowner bought 17 premium replacement vinyl Energy Star windows with three windows and three offers and received offers from other companies that ranged from $ 26,000 to over $ 36,000, while the Guardian price was just over $ 16,000 . That’s over $ 10,000 in savings.
  • Another example is 15 Pella double windows. Guardian’s price is $ 16,072 while other companies offerings ranged from $ 25,832 to $ 27,750, resulting in savings of $ 9,760.

The fact is, by removing sellers from the homeowner’s buying process – along with the heavy commissions that must be paid to sellers – the Guardian Inc. team can save homeowners thousands of dollars on the exact same brand of windows.

Guardian is constantly looking for ways to improve its product offering while lowering prices for end customers. The availability of wholesale prices directly to the consumer is another example of these efforts.

“For homeowners willing to find a new and better way to replace windows in their home, we encourage them to contact us today,” continued Martis. “We’re here to provide the information you’re looking for to ensure you’re getting the perfect windows for your home.”

For more information about Guardian Inc., please visit the company’s website at

Guardian Inc. is a premier roof, siding, and window replacement company with customers throughout Southeast Wisconsin. For over twenty years, Guardian employees have been raising the standards for roofing, siding, and window replacement throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Guardian removes the frustrations, deception, and pressure to sell that are otherwise so common, and gives homeowners a better way to shop for DIY items.

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