Tigo announces that it has exceeded the 75 GWh accumulated recovered energy threshold


Performance improvement in over 18,000 installations for installers like Project Solar UK

Tigo Energy, Inc., the global leader in Flex Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) for the solar industry, today announced that it has exceeded 75 GWh of recovered energy for global installations since 2009 with the company’s industry-leading optimization solutions.

Recovered energy is the incremental energy generated by Tigo optimizers that would have been lost due to shadows and other sources of mismatch if Tigo optimizers had not been installed in the PV system. Tigo is the only optimizer provider that shows customers the value of the recovered energy. This feature is important to quantify the return on investment for installers like Project Solar in the UK.

“The Tigo solution is by far the easiest and best solution on the market today. As the leading UK residential installer, it has helped grow our business and deliver the maximum performance to our customers so they can get the best return on their property Achieve investment. ” “explains Steve Wallace, Procurement Director for Project Solar UK.” The new Reclaimed Energy feature in the monitoring portal is simply the best way to justify using Tigo optimizers. Our customers understand that, and that is important to us. ”

Optimization at the Tigo module level works with every leading PV inverter to determine the best operating point for all modules within a string. This gives the installer a choice and allows the system to harvest the most energy even when the modules are affected by shadows, clouds or other forms of mismatch.

“Tigo’s TS4 optimizers and monitoring portal provide maximum energy harvesting and a unique insight into how the system is producing power,” said JD Dillon, Tigo’s chief marketing officer. “We are pleased that Project Solar UK and installers around the world can use detailed data to demonstrate their homeowners’ ROI and that the metric shows more than 10% of energy recovered in more than a quarter of installations.”

Tigo offers flexible solutions that increase the energy generation of PV systems through optimization, lower operating costs through remote monitoring and increase safety through fast shutdown functions. What makes Tigo so different is choice. PV customers have the opportunity to select the right features and the right inverter for a tested and certified device and system level solution that maximizes the benefits for their installation. The “Reclaimed Energy” function confirms the advantages of optimization, with which customers can get the most out of their PV systems.

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About Tigo

Tigo is the world’s leading supplier of Flex-MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) with innovative solutions that increase energy generation, lower operating costs and significantly improve the safety of photovoltaic systems (PV). Tigo’s TS4 platform maximizes the benefits of PV systems and offers customers the most scalable, versatile, and reliable MLPE solution available. Tigo was founded in 2007 in Silicon Valley to accelerate the global adoption of solar energy. Tigo systems work on 7 continents and produce gigawatt hours of reliable, clean, affordable and safe solar energy every day. Tigo’s global team is dedicated to making the best MLPE in the world so more people can take advantage of solar. Visit us at www.tigoenergy.com.

About Project Solar UK

Project Solar UK Ltd is a well established renewable energy company with a dedicated team that has over 9 years of experience designing and installing solar PV systems. Project Solar UK Ltd only uses the most skilled and experienced craftsmen when it comes to domestic solar systems. With every project that has a project manager assigned to touch the base and whose job it is to ensure that the quality of the installation meets our high standards, the feed-in tariff (FIT) is set with the aim of installing in 7 through 10 days. They are SunPower certified partners and therefore a preferred choice for anyone looking to install solar systems on their property.

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