Thompson Approves Contracts to Design High Plains Covering 5 Buildings – Loveland Reporter-Herald

The Thompson School Board approved spending just over $ 3 million on home furnishings projects.

The Board of Education unanimously and without discussion approved an architectural contract for planning work for an extension of the High Plains School, 4255 Buffalo Mountain Drive, as well as contracts for roofing projects at four schools and in the administration building.

The contract calls for $ 1.1 million to be spent on design work to add eight classrooms, plus a high school room, music room, and possibly a track to the existing high plains school. The district selected RB + B Architects, based in Fort Collins, to be the architects for the project.

Design will begin this month with construction beginning in early 2022, and the new preschool through eighth grade areas will open to students in August 2023.

The school board agreed to spend $ 15.77 million to expand the school, which opened in 2016 and is already full, so that a total of 750 students or three rounds of each grade level can be attended.

Gordon Jones, the district’s chief financial officer, previously stated that the district will fund the project by selling certificates of attendance, a form of debt that doesn’t require voting from residents, and repaying them with taxpayers’ money earmarked for funding Schools within the Loveland Urban Renewal Authority and the Centerra Metro District.

Through an agreement between these two companies and the Thompson School District, a portion of the property taxes collected through this tax increase funding will go into a school fund that can only be used for capital development projects for schools within the agency’s boundaries. The only two schools within these boundaries are High Plains and Mountain View High School.

That pot of money is what the district uses to pay the debts for building plateaus.

Since then, revenue from that school fund has risen as property tax rates were approved by voters in 2018 through a bond issue and mill tax override, as well as land growth, Jones said. So there is more money in this school fund that only needs to be spent on building projects for these two schools.

Both debts will be paid off by 2029 when that funding source is completed, Jones said.

The school board also approved contracts for a little more than $ 2 million for roofing projects, which will run from March and be completed by the end of summer. This is the third phase of roofing projects funded by the $ 149 million bond that voters approved in 2018.

Over the past two summers, the district has spent nearly $ 10 million on roofing projects at 18 schools.

This third round of roofing projects totals US $ 2,048,710, mostly from borrowings but also with a grant to Build Excellent Schools Today to help advance work at Lincoln Elementary School. The BEST program offers competitive statewide grants from a fund that includes marijuana sales tax money.

The projects include three roof spares: $ 1,158,353 for the Lincoln Elementary School, $ 487,330 for the Administration Building, and $ 221,307 for the Ivy Stockwell Elementary School.

Roof restoration projects are planned for Laurene Edmondson Elementary School (US $ 114,474) and Bill Reed Middle School (US $ 67,246).

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