This traditional style home has charm


The range of materials consists of earthy materials such as kota stone, terrazzo tiles, wood and sugar cane

A massive brick facade stands majestically in the suburb of Vadodara. The structure – a home for a family of 5 – is rustic and regal in equal parts. The house is tailored to the taste of the family and is reminiscent of earthiness and Indianness. It is perfect for the climatic conditions in the region. “A house should reflect the tastes and personality of its owners and the ability of the architects to bring the whole together and create a space that is appropriate for its occupants and its context,” say lead architects Manav Patel and Shivangi Patel of MS Design Studio . The same principle applies to the interiors designed by Deepika Khatri and Ekta Kamdar.

Sync with the elements

Taking into account the site dimensions and the hot and dry climatic conditions of the region, the house was designed as a square structure with a small inner courtyard. Due to the square configuration of the house, the street facade received the rough southern sun during the day. “To remedy this, a brick screen was introduced that acted as a double wall and created a buffer space between the living rooms and the outer facade. In addition, the facing brick screen was designed with the bricks aligned diagonally to avoid direct sunlight and facilitate the flow of wind, ”says the team. Despite the screen, special care was taken to ensure that there was enough light throughout the house.

The range of materials, tailored to the aesthetics of the customer, consists of earthy materials such as kota stone, terrazzo tiles, wood and sugar cane. The Kota tiles were used throughout the house in different finishes such as mirror and river finishes. The furniture and furnishings – like the handi lamps and the swing on the terrace – reflect an ethnic aesthetic.


The entrance foyer features a series of niches in earth tones from burnt sienna to gray. Together with the leather armchair, the Kota stone floor and the wooden louvre windows, this gives the room a warm, homely feeling.

living room

The material palette of the living room is a rich, rustic combination of Jaisalmer stone, multi-colored Kota stone and wood. The Jaisalmer stone cladding along the room adds warmth to the room, while the Madhubani painting on the wall behind the sofa adds character to the surroundings. Both the blue sofa and the coffee table are custom-made.

Kitchen and dining area

Unlike the rest of the house, the kitchen and dining room have an elegant white color palette. The intricate terrazzo floor increases the overall space. A small skylight and a sliding door provide plenty of sunlight in the room. There is a large marble slab at one corner of the room, while a selection of artifacts and artwork add more color to the room.

Master bedroom

The master bedroom has an Indian style with wooden furniture and motifs in a traditional style. The four-poster bed and the study unit with pipe network are both specially designed. The wall behind the bed is tinted richly yellow and further accentuated with art. The warm tone is complemented by the blue-green and white terrazzo floor.


Similar to the master bedroom, the children’s room also follows a blue-green color theme. The furniture – a bed and a study unit – is minimalist and geared towards functionality. The ocher wall behind the bed was left free so the children could display their artwork. The patterned floor gives the room a touch of elegance.

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