This fence turns into a table and it’s awesome


Eating outside in summer is one of life’s greatest joys. You can enjoy the fresh air while eating summery foods like pasta salads and drinking fruity cocktails. The only downside is the amount of space that many outdoor tables can take up, especially those that can accommodate many people. When you have a small garden, space is even more valuable. Don’t worry though, there is an ingenious solution to all of your outdoor dining problems: a fence that turns into a table.

It’s Gone Viral, a social media company that helps brands build their digital voices, shared a video discovered on Facebook showing a fence transforming into a table. User Jamie Hurton’s video first shows what a normal wooden fence looks like until two neighbors fold it into a table in seconds and secure it with wooden legs that look like boards so they go unnoticed when the fence is upright.

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Imagine all the space this outdoor table and fence combination would save! If you enjoy dining with your neighbors, this seems like a fairly easy (and relatively socially distant) option. Think: you wouldn’t have to decide which house to have dinner in as you could do it in both of them at the same time. It’s a brilliant concept.

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