This cozy DIY fire pit idea is the perfect project for this weekend


Are you looking for a DIY fire pit idea to create the ultimate cozy outdoor setup this weekend? We hear you, it’s on our list too. So we went to Instagram for a really easy, really cheap way to make a fire pit in your yard, and of course Instagram delivered. It turns out that building a cute looking fire pit isn’t difficult at all! So get hold of marshmallows, carve your sticks, and keep scrolling to find out how to make your own outdoor fire pit …

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You will need:

Step one: plan your first stone layer

You can choose the size you want your fire pit to be and choose between creating a square or circular pit. Whatever you want, put your first layer of brick and when you are satisfied with it, mark the edge of the stone shape with a shovel. Now put the stones aside and remove the lawn. Dig down about 2 inches. Make sure it’s as level as possible

If you are building your fire pit on a stone patio (obviously not patios), you can just leave the patio slab underneath. They will put sand and stones on top of them so they don’t get damaged.

Step two: create the floor of your fire pit

In the hole you just made, place your sand and dab it down with the back of your spade – this will create a solid flat base for your fire pit. You can use a spirit level to make sure your base is as level as possible.

Step three: start layering your stones

Place your first layer of stone back around the edge of the sand circle and add a layer of landscape glue before applying the next layer. Repeat for as many layers as you need – don’t make your fire pit too high, remember that you want to feel the heat coming from it and obviously have easy access for smells.

The final step is to cover the sand bed with small stones or pebbles, set and dry everything for a day, and then make a fire in the evening!

Step four: decorate your fire pit area

Oh, and we couldn’t forget the most important step! The decoration takes your fire pit from a burning hole in the ground to a very instagram-like place to have a beer, watch a movie and toast your mallow. Put on some garland lights, add lots of pillows and throws to your patio furniture to complete the look.

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