Things to Consider When Replacing Vinyl Windows

While replacing your home’s old windows with new vinyl windows is beneficial for your home, it’s a project that requires good planning. Well installed vinyl replacement windows are very energy efficient. However, if installed incorrectly, these windows may not work properly.

Energy efficiency can help you save a lot of money in the long run. The new windows also help to improve the attractiveness of your home and increase security and comfort. WindowTech Windows and Doors has put together the following tips to keep in mind before buying Vinyl windows. Take a look.

1. Decide on a style that suits your home

The window style you choose depends on your preferences. In addition to the taste and general appearance of your home, the type of window you choose should also be able to serve a specific purpose.

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If you want expansive and unique views of your home, these are the best types of vinyl windows you can buy. They open up to 90 degrees, making cleaning easier.

These are good for ventilation and open outward to let air in. They’re also the best for blocking out rain.

You can have them hung as single or double. These vinyl windows have tilting sashes that make the window easy to clean. They’re also good for ventilation. Single hanging windows are supplied with one operable sash, while double hanging windows are supplied with two operable sashes.

2. Choose the right color

Before you decide on a particular one, it’s a good idea to study the color options available. You can choose an outer lid. This type of paint is long lasting and scratch resistant. Usually, water-based, weather-resistant paints are used. They add style and appeal to the window.

3. Look for Energy Efficiency in Windows

Your windows are responsible for the energy efficiency in your home, so this is a crucial factor. For reasons of energy efficiency, choose a window with double or triple glass panes filled with argon gas between the panes, or a Lo-E. These properties help the window minimize heat transfer, which means your home will retain most of its heat in the winter and not let in hot air in the summer.

4. Hardware

Most people overlook things like locks. For maximum security, make sure your vinyl windows have a multi-point lever lock and crank. You can get both in different colors like white and brushed brass. You can also customize them in the color of your choice or to suit your theme.

5. Choose the correct installation method

If you don’t want to change the look of your home, choose a retrofit method. Using this method, you install the new window into the existing frame and it should fit nicely. The Brick-to-Brick installation method requires the installer to remove the old frame and install a new frame for the new window. This is ideal if you want to completely change the look of your home.

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