‘These people are a blessing.’


The rainy weather in South Texas took a break Wednesday and gave roofers enough time to fix the entire roof of Juan Manrique’s house.

RoofTop 101 arrived on Wednesday morning at his home on the 1000 block of St. Mary’s Street. They immediately got to work removing and repairing Manrique’s roof.

“He’s not going to have any issues with rain. It’s been a blessing. RoofTop 101 stepped up,” said David Salinas, the Jim Wells County Veterans Service officer. “All (Manrique) will have to worry about is taking care of his wife.”

The roofing company saw a news story about an Alice man in desperate need of a roof caught the attention of a roofing company. After years of searching for help, Manrique was finally getting a new roof.

“These people are a blessing. They’re here fixing my roof out of their hearts,” Manrique said.

RoofTop 101 employees removed plywood, shingles and other roofing material before they could start the new roof for veteran Juan Manrique.

“We’re just trying to help a person in need,” said Paul Rueda, RoofTop 101 project manager.

Manrique’s home has been in disrepair since Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Ever since, Manrique said his house would leak every time it rained and he had to arrange his belongings so they wouldn’t get destroyed.

Manrique, an Army veteran, shares the home with his wife of 49 years, Idalia. Idalia has medical issues and over the years, Manrique has had to care for her on a limited income. He’s relied on help from the community, but always put the money to use on her medical expenses.

Inside the house there’s evidence of the water damage along with mold and fungus. Manrique and his wife had resorted to living in the front part of the home and spending most of their time in their bedroom.

Rueda happened to see the news story and immediately knew that this was a job for the company. He called his boss, Michael Landwert, and they both got to work on how they could help this veteran in need.

The company is from San Marcos but recently branched out to Corpus Christi. They had made some connections in the Coastal Bend and were able to made contact with Manrique in June. However, due to the recent rain, work on Manrique’s home had to wait.

Michael Landwert, owner of RoofTop 101 said the roof on Manrique’s 1300-square-roof home would normally have an estimated cost of $5,000, but Manrique won’t pay a cent on the project.

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