The window change in the district court will resume in the spring news


A project to install new low-energy windows in the Lucerne County Courthouse, which began last fall, will resume this spring and be completed before summer, government officials said last week.

The project, which will replace hundreds of windows in the 112-year-old courthouse on North River Street in Wilkes-Barre, began in October after being delayed for several months by the coronavirus pandemic.

The beginning of winter forced the window installation to be suspended as the project includes detailed work that cannot be done in cold weather.

The contractor, D&M Construction Unlimited Inc., is completing the interiors of the installed windows this winter, county engineer Lawrence Plesh said.

The company, which won a $ 1.72 million contract early last year, has installed 87 windows – about 40% of the planned total – mostly on the west side of the courthouse, Plesh wrote in an email.

Window installation will continue in the spring with an expected completion date of May 31, wrote Plesh.

The new court windows offer improved insulation and reduce heat loss, which will save the county a significant amount of money in the long run, district chief David Pedri said last year.

The project is part of a series of upgrades aimed at reducing energy consumption and saving money in county-owned buildings.

Other improvements include switching to LED lighting and installing new boilers in the basement of the courthouse to heat the building more efficiently.