The police repeat the eternal plea to the residents of West Roxbury: lock your car doors, this is not Mayberry


West Roxbury started the year with 14 car break-ins, all but one of which affected cars that residents left unlocked, an E-5 district official told a Zoomed community meeting tonight.

It’s the only type of crime in the district, which includes most of Roslindale, that hasn’t declined over the same period of last year, Community Service Officer Ed Roach said. Overall, major crimes in E-5 have decreased by 23%, he said.

The solution, he continued, is simple: lock your car doors when you get home, because with so many robberies, people just walk down a street, try car doors, and poke around in cars they find open.

But it’s an answer that BPD has given West Roxbury residents for more than a decade with little apparent success.

“This has been our problem with car breaks for years,” said Roach.

He added that the Roslindale part of the district had only five car break-ins over the same period.

“West Roxbury seems to have a much higher incidence of unlocked vehicles,” he said, urging people to remember that this is West Roxbury in 2021, not Mayberry in 1951.

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