The former rural school has been converted into a single family home and still has a library, an art studio and a music room


What better house to have the experience of helping your children out during the lockdown than a converted school?

Perhaps the ambience of the high ceilings and huge windows of this characteristic former school, combined with the echo of children rushing through the corridors to get to the playground, is inspiring.

The approach to this classic red brick building will bring memories to many people who have attended school in a distinctive, historic building.

A wave of nostalgia could devour you, reminding you of playing conkers in the yard and tagging in the field.

Surrounded by rural views and rolling hills

The building is larger than it first appears, with a wing at the back

The hall shows an incredible storage and shelving unit as well as classic subway wall tiles

Regardless of your school experience, you will feel amazed upon entering this converted home in Powys.

The renovation was adapted to the original building as much as possible and is the perfect backdrop for the individual and eye-catching style of the current owner.

Instead of adding unnecessary ceilings and separating rooms, the rooms remain solid and high, the windows form a constant time frame for the interior and even the internal windows and partitions of the classroom are retained.

Original floors can be seen throughout the first floor – the stripped wooden planks under warm, tactile carpets.

Image rails, dado rails and deep skirting boards can also be seen in many rooms.

So the bell rang for the school day to begin and the opportunity to look around to begin.

Enter the property through the doors that must have been seen by hundreds of children on their way in and out and into a hall.

Although the property has new stairs to another bedroom on the first floor, the hallway is still laden with previous features of the building.

Charachterful lounge that used to be one of the classrooms

The wood and glass partition can be both opened and closed, and above the interior window it is also remarkable

The fireplace adds warmth and focus, and the interior design adds color and personality to the room

The incredible wooden wall storage unit could be a newer, bespoke addition to the central hall, replacing the spot where the children’s coat hooks would have been, or it could be an original and historical storage piece from the property’s past.

It is a pleasure to see panels of original subway wall tiles peeking out between furniture and interior structures, what a classic feature it is to still be there.

There are a few rooms very reminiscent of a previous school, with an art room, music room and sewing room all waiting for their place on the schedule of subjects that obviously take place in this popular house.

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There is even a mini library and the school canteen has never looked so good, not in a large and echoing classroom, but in an inviting room with a stylish gray Shaker kitchen.

The interior design of the school is versatile, individual and visually very appealing, full of colors and personal works of art.

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The central center of this house are the two large rooms that were classrooms and are separated by a charming glass and wood partition that can be opened or closed.

The living room exudes character, with a semi-vaulted ceiling, internal windows with multiple panes to mirror the shape of the ceiling, and exposed beams, all of which add to the vintage charm.

The fireplace, the screen doors, the exterior windows and the wooden floor complete this spacious room with a lot of character.

There’s even enough space in this lounge for a pool table, but it’s probably not the kind of game the former PE teacher had planned as a game lesson for students in the past.

The large former classroom is divided by a partial partition wall

There is a library and a reading corner

On the other side of the partition is an art studio and wood stove

Through the glass and wooden wall between the two reception rooms and into the art room and the library; A room that draws on creative school subjects and hours that students spend in the library to research and work on projects.

This room is one of the two rooms that enjoy the iconic double-height ceiling and huge windows of a historic school. These characteristics are ideal for an area devoted to art and creativity.

The cavernous space might feel cold and unwelcome as it isn’t full of school desks and chairs but has been designed to be a welcoming space.

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There’s a mini divider that cleverly doubles as a bookshelf library, and this creates a cozy space behind that where the well-positioned sofa gives someone a quiet space to read.

Adding a wood burner in the corner of the room ensures that the former classroom is a warm area to support the creative activities in the room when needed.

The kitchen is optically miles away from a typical school canteen

Space for a table and a view of the outside and access to the garden

The door to the ‘school canteen’ is located in the library area of ​​this room.

There is no mashed potatoes or rice pudding with jam in this room, just a spacious kitchen full of delicious ingredients for the interior.

Quarry floor tiles mixed with wood countertops and furniture topped with an eye-catching splash and artwork – when baked together, it creates a visual feast.

For dessert, there is also a whitewashed wall on the menu that adds texture and is seasoned with many classic farmer’s accessories.

And if there is a mishap in the kitchen and the smell of burning replaces the smell of baking, then there are glass doors to the garden that can be opened so that the fresh country air can remove the unwanted smell.

There are three to four bedrooms depending on how the space is used

Two of the bedrooms are in the back of the main building in a special wing

At the other end of the school is another large former classroom that forms the building’s “bookends”. The two large rooms at both ends, which represent an icon of the facade design of the building.

One is the art room and library, and at the other end is a bedroom that has been listed by the real estate agent, although the current owner uses the huge, high space for more creative activities.

This time around it looks like a utility room, with sewing and perhaps upholstery being the predominant focus of the room.

This hobby room could be the master bedroom for a new owner

The hobby room / master bedroom has its own bathroom with a meaningful purple bath on a platform

A room on the first floor is currently a music and IT center as well as a sleeping zone

If this former classroom was used as a bedroom it would arguably be the master as it has a sizable bathroom attached.

This bathroom continues the colorful and eclectic style of the current owner, with the high ceiling slightly taking on a purple hue that is echoed in the color of the classic roll-top bathtub below.

If you put the bathroom on a raised platform, not only does the object get the stage presence it deserves in the room, but it undoubtedly also hides the water pipes under the bathroom.

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Since this space is not used as a bedroom, the property is listed as a three bedroom house. Two are in a wing at the rear of the property. One of these bedrooms has its own bathroom.

Up the stairs and there is a room in the attic that is listed as the bedroom by the real estate agent, but for now it is also the music room and IT suite.

It’s a wonder all the children from the village of Cemmaes, near Machynlleth, did some sort of job at this school, with mesmerizing views of the Powys mountaintops from the window that were perhaps more appealing to them than algebra and chemical symbols.

A walk to the former playground and the rural view can be fully enjoyed.

No sign of the former playground, but many views

About one hectare of land comes with the former school

There is a garage and outbuildings as well as on-site parking

The former school is called Ty Cwm Dyfi and is in an elevated position above the village with about an acre of gardens and grounds and breathtaking views that can be enjoyed both inside and outside.

The former school is a flexible and versatile indoor space, and so is the outdoor space.

One acre of gardens and land includes an orchard, greenhouse, brick shed, driveway and garage.

According to the real estate agent selling the property, there are some elements that are still in the works that offer a great opportunity for a new owner to put their own stamp on this home.

This truly unique home is on the market with McCartneys real estate agent for £ 375,000. For more information, call the Newtown office on 01686 623123.