The Dallas Cowboys Playoff Window will be wide open if …

As crazy as it sounds, the Dallas Cowboys are in a pretty ideal scenario for the next few years at NFC East. A QB is missing in Washington. A QB is missing in New York. And Philly is missing a QB. The Eagles and Giant’s think they might have a QB, but I think most of us know better.

All teams in NCF East with the exception of the Dallas Cowboys are absent from the most important position in the game. The stage for the Dallas Cowboys is a multi-year playoff presence for the foreseeable future. If only they can lock their QB …

Most franchises would kill for such an opportunity. Still, the cowboys still decide if the postseason is something they’re even interested in. That really matters. The department is theirs because all they have to do is swallow their pride and pay Dak Prescott.

With a franchise QB alone, the Dallas Cowboys would be favorites to win the NFC East

You can’t believe Dak Prescott is the real deal. You may not think that he is worth top 3 cash and that the Dallas Cowboys would be wasting money if they gave in to his demands. I’m not really here to discuss this annoying subject again.

However, the refusal to re-sign Dak Prescott ignores the current climate in the NFL East.

It would be one thing if we played at AFC West and had to be better than a team like Kansas City to win the division. Or if we were in NFC Nord and had to beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers the best. Or even NFC Süd, where we had to beat the saints and bucks. Then I could see we were picky about our roster building.

But the NFC Ost? The department is there for the recording. I think of the here and now and so should you and so should the Dallas Cowboys.

Looking at the cowboys list, this team just isn’t good enough to win without a good QB. And say what you want from Dak Prescott, but he’s way above the replacement level at QB. In his last full season, he finished 3rd in wins over replacements (WAR) in the NFL. And last year we saw firsthand what a replacement QB with Andy Dalton looks like. It wasn’t good enough.

The Dallas Cowboys have just been given a prime opportunity. Washington appear to be starting in first place at QB, and given this year’s draft position, they are unlikely to make much progress in 2021.

New York still appears to be indebted to Daniel Jones. He hasn’t done anything to prove he is a franchise QB in the NFL and is likely only getting the benefit of the sunk cost error. Philly has just given up on Carson Wentz and now appears to be entering the Jalen Hurts era. It is doubtful that he is a real QB1.

The Dallas Cowboys are the only team in NFC East with access to a top 10 QB that is in the prime of its career. Only with a real QB can you win this QB-free division for the foreseeable future. Not many teams have such an advantage.

Sign Dak Prescott. Even if it seems too much. The time window is currently wide open. Now we want to build up again for the last time.

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