The biggest myths surrounding building your own deck out of bunnings

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If you’ve somehow managed to secure a home with a garden big enough in 2019, you may want to upgrade your already blooming adulthood and put more money into DIY renovations like a DIY deck.

How could you ask? These Better Homes and Gardens builders (remember, kids?) All seemed to have so much experience, equipment, and of course cash!

Aside from this third, all-important item, building a deck out of the Cultural Monolith’s Bunnings Warehouse or any other household services store is far easier than you might think. Here are some myths we’ve dispelled when it comes to building your own deck.

Myth 1) The aesthetics are the most important part

While building is undoubtedly a very important skill when it comes to this type of project, the really smooth flow of the whole process is having well-designed and dug foundations. Whether it’s a team you hire or trenches you dig yourself, there are always useful guides out there when it comes to building the foundations of your deck, and once that’s done everything else becomes (literally) fit together.

Myth 2) Millions of screws are required for these projects

Every time we watch decks on TV it looks like it takes an entire military armory to hold all the joints together. In reality, many home decks have planks that are easy to deploy, like the planks that hold a mattress in a bed frame. Hardware store-approved screws do the job, and you only need a few at a time.

Myth 3) It’s a summer long project

Building a floor deck may seem like a daunting task (like any Reno project at home), but in reality it only takes a few days to get everything set up. Once that’s done the benefits are long term and you now have a deck that you will enjoy for years to come!

Check out this how-to video on how to create a deck:


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