The best beginner cards in Marvel Snap | five best starter decks

Marvel Snap is the new Marvel Heroes and Villains collectible card game developed by Second Dinner Studios and available for free on mobile and PC via Steam.

Matches are fast-paced and take place over six turns in which both players play their cards at one of three famous locations available in each battle.

Before each battle begins, players need to organize a deck of 12 unique cards with different energy costs and powers. Players mainly receive new cards as they advance their collection levels.

A differentiator of Marvel Snap is that the cards received are not completely random and are restricted to certain sets of cards. Once a player has received all the cards from the first set, the next reward will be from the next set. This means that up to collection level 214 all players will receive the same cards in a different order, creating balanced matchmaking.

Marvel Snap launched globally nearly a week ago, but players who had access to the closed beta flocked to sites like the Marvel Snap Zone to share the meta and deck ideas with players.

Next, we’ll look at the best cards and decks for players who started with Marvel Snap and are still collecting cards from pool one. Cards reviewed include cards from the Starter/Tutorial Deck and Season Pass for Beginners.

Best beginner cards in Marvel Snap

All cards with abilities can have specific strategies that make them stand out compared to others. However, in terms of individual value, some cards can fit into most decks, or have abilities impactful enough that the player wants to build a deck around them.


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This card is available in pool one, and its ability is: “When you play a card here, +2 Power.” A card versatile enough to be present in most starting decks. It is common for your deck to have low-cost cards, easily filling one or two locations during the game. That way, Angela can easily reach power seven. Even if it can’t fill in the spot where you placed Angela first, it achieves solid stats for a two-cost card.


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This card is present in pool one and its ability is: “When you play a card, this gains +1 Power.” Its power depends on the number of cards played after it. Especially strong on decks that use a lot of low-cost cards, the popularity of these decks makes Bishop worthy of this spotlight.

Blue Marvel

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Acquired through Recruit Season, its ability is: “Ongoing: Your other cards have +1 Power.” A power that affects all locations is powerful in its own right, independent of the other cards played, and can have an impactful result in the final rounds, even turning the tide on a location with four cards. Also, its five-cost allows for an interesting combo with Onslaught, which can double the effect of Blue Marvel.

Iron Man

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The Avengers Star is available in the game from the start and its ability is: “Ongoing: Your total Power is doubled at this location.” Since a large part of Marvel Snap’s mechanics lies in performing Snaps against your opponents, Iron Man allows for big twists with its ability to double the total power of a location. In the same way, it is possible to throw it in an empty place and double the power of that place in the last round to surprise the enemies.


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This card appears early for players between collection levels 1-14. Its ability is “Ongoing: Your 1-Cost cards have +1 Power.” An essential card for activating one-cost card synergies, it is also a mainstay of one of the most popular decks, Kazoo. Also, many locations add one-cost cards, like Central Park, which adds squirrels to every location, and the presence of a Ka-Zar on the board can make you accumulate a lot of power.

The five best starter decks in Marvel Snap

Each player gets cards from the same pool in random order, so we have five suggestions for decks powerful enough to win your matches in Marvel Snap. If you don’t have all the cards you need, you can replace the missing ones with others until you’ve advanced enough to acquire them.

Devil Dinosaur

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Devil Dinosaur has the ability: “Ongoing: +2 Power for each card in your hand.” It is a card with a powerful effect, and all players who unlock it can use a deck around it until they start unlocking cards from later pools.

The main objective of this deck is to accumulate as many cards in your hand at the end of the game, guaranteeing a great power increase for the Devil Dinosaur, guaranteeing the location in which he is positioned.

Onslaught, on turn six, can also beat the location it is played on if there are already cards that synergize with it like Iron Man or Devil Dinosaur itself.

To win second place, it is possible to use a mix of useful cards and other powerful cards like Jessica Jones and White Queen. Along with the lower energy cards that may have been played before, it is possible to beat a location where the opponent is not focusing with some ease.

The rest of the deck has the function of enabling Devil Dinosaur by filling his hand with cards. Mantis, Cable, Sentinel, and White Queen can all provide new cards for the hand and bring new card possibilities for later use.

Cosmo is an interesting option to drop where you plan to play Devil Dinosaur, ensuring cards like Enchantress don’t counter him.

Discard Aggro

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Discard mechanics are well-known in many types of card games, and this is no different in Marvel Snap. The main card that uses this mechanic in pool one is Apocalypse. Its ability is: “When you discard this from your hand, put it back with +4 Power.” Being able to accumulate large amounts of points until the final turn to beat a location.

The deck’s core strategy is to empty your hand as much as possible so that cards with the ability to discard can discard Apocalypse. Even though he doesn’t play in his hand, Wolverine also uses this synergy to add some extra points to the board.

The beginning of the game is about picking a spot and throwing Angela into it to fill it with other low-cost cards in later rounds. With Angela trying to secure a spot, the most important thing is to use the cards with the ability to discard to power up Apocalypse.

America Chavez has an important role in the deck. Her ability ensures that she will only be drawn on the final turn, making it easier to buy Apocalypse in previous turns. If not enough to draw Apocalypse, America Chavez has enough power to try to secure a location in the final turn.

The main downside of this deck is relying on a little luck to trigger discard synergy effectively. And even though Wolverine is here to help, he can get in the way if his copy is placed in a location with Angela, as it doesn’t trigger her ability.


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One of the most prominent decks in the Marvel Snap meta is Kazoo. Its great strengths are its simplicity and flexibility.

The main strategy to win is to fill the board with low-cost units together with cards that benefit from it or make your other units stronger.

Angela is a force to be reckoned with, as it’s very easy to get her power up to seven, especially when played on turn two in an empty spot. This way it is easy to make a location reach 15 points.

Ka-zar, Blue Marvel, and Captain America are the mainstays of the deck and reward the player for playing too many cards. Since its abilities are Ongoing-type, Onslaught can double its effects and bring victory.

This deck has a powerful ideal curve whenever it can be used. The first round is simple and just uses a one-cost card. Angela must be placed in an empty location on turn two. On the third turn, place three one-cost units again. The next turns are for Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught.

The perfect curve cannot always be achieved, and these cases open spaces for Captain America to be played or other cards of cost one. The most important thing is to play as many cards as you can.


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Ongoing synergy is quite simple to use and has been present on many cards from the beginning. Unlike other abilities, it remains active until the end of combat, making it easily a favorite with many players.

The great strategies of this deck involve using the surprise effect of cards like Klaw, Iron Man, or Spectrum at the end of the game. A great strategy to get some extra cubes with Snaps.

The first turn should be to pick a location and place your cards with Ongoing, while Namor can compete for another location alone. Ant-Man and Captain America are great for focusing on one location, while cards like Lizard and Mister Fantastic help distribute points in other locations to force your enemy to do the same.

Turn five is flexible and depends on the board situation. Both Klaw and Iron Man can take over a location that already has other units. The ideal six turns are to play Spectrum, strengthen many cards, and surprise your opponent.

On Reveal Deck

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The On Reveal deck has very powerful synergies in the late-game rounds. Odin’s ability is: “On Reveal: Activate the On Reveal abilities of your other cards at this location.” This allows you to reactivate powerful abilities from other cards while adding eight power to Odin’s location.

Some powerful strategies for the first turns are to play three cards in a location to fill it with Jessica Jones and accumulate a lot of points or to have three units on the board in turn three to extract the maximum value from Iron Heart, cards like Mister Sinister and Squirrel Girl can help achieve that goal.

Turn five should be to prepare the final combo. Between Gamora and Odin or White Tiger and Odin will be spread out differently across the board, so each game must be evaluated individually. Gamora can turn the tide if it is possible to predict where the opponent will play their cards, while White Tiger disputes for other locations.

Since White Tiger randomly places Tigers in other locations, it is possible to fill an unwanted spot with cards on the initial turn to be sure where Tigers will be placed. Iron Heart is a great card option to fill a location you don’t want to compete in.

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