The 2021 Tab 400 Teardrop Trailer is mindfully filled with the conveniences of home

What you see in the cover picture is known as the Tab 400 Teardrop Camper from nuCamp RV. You’ve heard of this team here on Autoevolution. They produce a wide range of other vehicles including short and long bed campers. Teardrop campers are the first ones I’ve seen from the team. It’s time you took a trip and find out what they have put together for you.

To get an idea of ​​its size, I’ll throw some datasheet data at you. As you can see, there is now more than one floor plan to choose from, two in all. The only difference between the two is 4.5kg in weight and a bed option. Everything else stays the same in terms of size.

A total outside length of 5.5 m (18.25 feet), a width of 2.2 m (7.5 feet) and a height of 2.63 m (8.66 feet) provide more than enough space to meet the necessities not seen in other teardrop campers. Oh, there is also an interior height of 2.01m to give you plenty of clearance as you move around the entire vehicle. All in all, these dimensions and the construction result in a trailer with a dry weight of 1,304 kg.

Inside, however, the tab may be a little different than on vehicles of this category. Most campers like this one don’t really have enough space to hold a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and dining room all at the same time. Not so with the tab.

This is really what sets this pendant apart from others; the number of amenities found inside. When entering the motorhome, there is a dining area immediately to the right, which also functions as an additional sleeping area. Pretty normal so far, nothing out of the ordinary. Immediately on the left you will find a fully equipped kitchenette with a 2-burner stove, refrigerator and sink, which is connected to the waterworks. The tab is already showing up a bit.

The next available area behind the kitchenette is the bedroom. There are different bed options depending on the selected floor plan. One option includes a bed for two guests while the other includes a bed that is only suitable for one. Everywhere in this room you will also find plenty of storage options for clothes, goods and the like. Storage under the bed is the main advantage here.

After all, the only feature we rarely see in a teardrop camper is a bathroom. Between the bedroom and the dining area at the front there is a room where many people meditate, the wet bath with a fold-down sink and toilet. There is also a side window to let in natural light and all the water is managed through a Nautilus system.

The Tab 400 offers a variety of options to make your trip more comfortable. This includes everything from air conditioning to double-glazed acrylic windows, a 3-speed fan, Alde heating systems, an outdoor shower and even solar panels. Note, however, that these are not the only options available to you.

If you really think the Tab 400 is right for you, give nuCamp a call and they will guide you through the rest of the process of purchasing this tow truck. The only downside is that you have to go to a dealer to get one, which always means you have to pay a bit more.

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