Strathspey man accused of stealing govt lights, solar panels – News Room Guyana

A 28-year-old man of Strathspey, East Coast Demerara (ECD) is now in police custody after being arrested for simple larceny.

Police said the man stole eight pairs of security lights and eight pairs of solar panels which were installed by the Ministry of Business at a business place at Coldingen, ECD.

The theft occurred between 18:00hrs on Monday and 06:30hrs on Tuesday at Fanta Foods.

Police said the proprietor went to his business place on Tuesday morning when he saw the suspect removing a light and solar panel. He raised an alarm and contacted the Vigilance Police Station but by this time, the man had fled the scene.

A search was subsequently conducted in the area and the suspect was arrested with two solar panels in his possession. He was taken to Vigilance Police Station where he was placed in custody and the panels were lodged.

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