Soil liquefaction and the second coming

Soil Liquefaction. I had never heard that phrase before and had no idea what it meant. One day I was watching a documentary and encountered that phrase along with a very graphic video of the process in action, then suddenly realized I had viewed that process before in a dream, never realizing what it was. It’s impossible, I know. Let me explain:

My wife and I sold a small “park model” residence by Lake Tansi just south of Crossville about a year ago. It’s a beautiful man made lake ringed by multimillion dollar homes with plenty of bluegill, sunfish and bass. They have made a small “beach” there with plenty of sand. I went to sleep one night out there and had a very startling and vivid dream.

In my dream I was standing near that beach looking across the lake at those beautiful homes. It was so serene, so peaceful, so beautiful. In my mind I had been thinking about Jesus Christ’s return to planet earth someday, known as the “Second Advent.” As I gazed across that lake, I wondered how far off in the future that event would be.

Suddenly I noticed a strange sight on the far side of that lake. Some of the trees were starting to quiver violently. As they shook they started slowly sinking into the ground, entirely disappearing. I was stunned. How was that possible? Then I noticed that the lake water was slowly receding from the shoreline exposing all the muck and weeds on the lake bottom. “That’s not possible,” I thought in my dream, “tsunamis only happen by the ocean, not inland small lakes!” 

The I finally realized what was happening — a earthquake was in progress and the ground was splitting and opening up beneath that lake. The water was rushing down into the newly formed deep crevasse with plumes of steam shooting up into the air. Evidently there was hot magma not far below that crevasse. A few seconds later that magma was being forcefully ejected up into the air reigning down on the surrounding trees and homes. As I watched the trees catch on fire I was stricken by the awfulness of the scene I was witnessing. At that moment I heard these words very distinctly: “Tell my people I am coming soon.”

I immediately woke up with my heart racing and tears forming in my eyes while sensing the presence of God’s Spirit at the same time. Honestly I didn’t tell many folks about that dream other than my wife and a few close friends. Start telling people generally about your wild dreams and they usually will think your elevator doesn’t quite reach the top floor, or you are just a highly emotional person with a wild imagination and dreams, or you are just making up a good story to attract attention. 

The one part of that dream that made no sense was the quivering, sinking trees disappearing into the earth. A few months later I was watching a documentary on earthquakes. I believe it was somewhere in Indonesia; I could see palm trees in the background. A video camera was rolling when the earthquake happened. I watched those palm trees quiver and slowly sink into the ground with the realization hitting me — that is what I saw in my dream. The narrator explained it was “soil liquefaction” which sometimes occurs during an earthquake. Certain types of loosely compacted soil can act like a liquid when the atoms are violently shaking from a major earthquake. 

There was a large piece of roofing tin lying on the ground in that video and the natives living in that area ran and jumped on it. They had been through this before; they knew what to do. They were riding it out on that roofing tin while the walls of their homes and trees started sinking into the ground which had suddenly become like quicksand – pretty smart, I thought.

There is no possible way I could have dreamed of a process that I never had heard of before or seen. That was just a tidbit that God inserted into that dream to let me know it really was a dream sent from Him, not an overactive imagination. 

“Earthquakes in diverse places” is one of the signs that Jesus mentioned preceding his personal return — the Second Advent in Matthew chapter 24. I fully realize that some Christians believe all those signs were fulfilled in the first century before the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 A.D. by the general Titus and his Roman army — that’s the “preterist” theological view. Other Christians believe those signs will occur right before the future Second Advent — that’s the “Futurist” theological view. I personally believe both those views are correct. Many of those signs which occurred in the first century will also occur in the future. I now very firmly believe that since my dream.

I don’t really care what people think about me now — I’m turning 65 soon and am getting to old to be hypersensitive to other’s suspicions as to my intellectual or emotional state. My wife, relatives and friends know me well. I have a choice; I can be silent for fear of ridicule, or I can be obedient to Jesus Christ and go public to “Tell my people I am coming soon.” I choose the latter. Are you living your life for Jesus Christ? Are you ready?

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