SIBA’s Energy Storage System (ESS) Fuses


SIBA’s Energy Storage System (ESS) fuses are specifically designed and tested for the stringent requirements of ESS applications and are utilized by large OEM’s globally. We are constantly developing new technology for various industries, and we have recently introduced several new product lines, including our specialized ESS fuses from 400 Volt to 1500 Volt with the highest breaking capacity and lowest L/R in the industry, and SSK wind and solar application fuses up to 40.5kV. SIBA’s ESS fuses are engineered and tested so you can be sure you are using original, high quality and reliable fuses. When you need true solutions, SIBA Fuses is the one stop you need to make for your Energy Storage protection requirements.


y Energy Storage applications have special demanding requirements of fuses for the protection of devices downstream. The fault conditions to the input of the DC side of the converter generally have very high short circuit current capability and the inductance of the fault loop is very low, thus yielding L/R time constants that generally are 1ms or less. With the L/R being low, the rate of rise of the current di/dt is very large – meaning that very large currents are obtained in a very short time. Devices that need to be protected have a peak withstand current capability that the fuse must limit this current to – or less than – and must coordinate with the battery fuse. This requires careful analysis of the system to determine the fault loop L/R time constant along with the maximum voltage encountered, discharge current and current charging current profiles, cycles per day, and maximum ambient temperature that the fuse is exposed to, so that proper fusing can be provided.

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