She shed ideas – create an idyllic garden retreat, art studio or comfy snug

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mower and reclaim the shed as your own personal haven. With our fabulous shed shed ideas you’ll see the potential of turning a practical garden shed into your own private sanctuary for reading or working. A place to enjoy your hobbies, with an art or yoga studio. Or just a welcoming retreat away from the house to spend some child-free time 
with a glass of wine and 
a good friend.

    To take the raw edge off your shed’s rough and ready construction, start with a fresh and feminine colour palette for decorating. Now you’ve got a general theme let our she shed ideas inspire your garden room.

    1. Furnish with a small sofa

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Don’t hold back on the home comforts if you’re planning to spend 
a lot of time here– especially if socialising with friends. A squishy sofa is top of our she shed wish-list. If you can’t fit one in, treat yourself to a large armchair and footstool combo so that you can still seat two or put your feet up to relax. Decorate it with a knitted throw, which you can pull across should it get chilly.

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    2. Make it a useable space for all seasons

    Image credit: Claire Lloyd Davies

    A stylish she shed needn’t be reserved for use in summer only! With a fully insulated garden room you can make the most of your garden room all-year-round. Constructed the same way as modern house building, a garden room or summerhouse is as comfortable as a room inside your home no matter what the weather outside. You can add heating and facilities too, if you can stretch to the budget. Furnish the room to feel like the indoors too.

    3. Laying decking to extend the space


    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Step outside to see the potential for making the space go even further. Laying decking directly out the front will act like a patio area where you can enjoy the outdoors more. A fashionable egg chair provides the perfect place to swing in comfort with the latest best-selling novel.

    4. Incorporate nature into the interior

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Invite an abundance of plants into your she shed to create a sense of wellness. It’s been well-documented just how important the presence of nature is for our wellbeing. Just as we seek to fill our homes with houseplants our garden rooms are no different, it’s important to connect the space with the garden which surrounds it. An added bonus is how much potted plants in stylish pots and baskets can improve the decor too.

    5. Welcome a grass floor for a potting shed

    shed with grass floor

    Image credit: Russell Sadur

    To pretty up a potting shed lay a carpet of artificial grass to add a softer touch to the look. Not only will it add to the look it will add comfort underfoot when tending to your potting tasks. Add strings of bunting and floral garlands and wreaths to add further decoration. Place a potting bench at the far end and hang some useful storage shelves to have terracotta pots to hand while potting. Use wall hooks to hang gardening tools above the bench.

    6. Enjoy a room with a view

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Make the most of a she-shed by positioning it with the best view of the garden. ‘If you’ve got gorgeous garden views then make the most of them! Large glazed sliding, French or bi-fold doors – offer panoramic views of your garden for you to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons’ explains a spokesperson for Green Retreats. The use of glass ensures lots of natural daylight. Consider fitting blinds for privacy and light control. ‘Add beautiful objects, books, flowers and gorgeous lighting.

    7. Find your zen with a garden yoga studio

    garden yoga studio she shed idea

    Image credit: Green Retreats

    What could be more relaxing than practising yoga in a garden studio?  If using the shed simply opt for clip-together foam mats to make the floor more forgiving and suitable for laying on. If you’re repurposing a summerhouse you will have flooring already in place. Simply roll out the yoga mat and begin your practice, breathing in the tranquility of the idyllic garden setting.

    8. Dress the decor

    Image credit: Lizzie Orme

    Make your garden room feel like an extension of the indoors, by dressing it with all the accessories that make a house a home. Think about installing a log burner to make it an all-year-round cosy and useable space.

    9. Fashion a backyard beach hut

    beach hut garden shed

    Image credit: Spike Powell

    With a splash of paint, a homemade sign and a striped deckchair your she shed will transport you to the beach in no time. Give your shed a characterful theme to differentiate it from the rest of the garden – allowing you to create an illusion of being far removed from your own back garden.

    10. Display pictures for a personal touch


    Image credit: David Brittain

    Hang artwork and framed photos directly from the walls, and attach a mesh wire letter rack where you can display cards and notes from loved ones to give the space a personal touch. If you do still need to store garden tools in your shed, make a feature of them by hanging each item from a beautiful peg board or rail.

    11. Draw on nature as inspiration for an art studio

    garden art studio she shed idea

    Image credit: Tom Leighton

    Thanks to the abundance of natural light a garden shed is the idea place to locate an artist’s studio. Plus the surrounding garden is sure to inspire! Make your she shed a space where you can escape to fulfil your artistic hobbies to your heart’s content. Setting aside the shed sorely for this purpose means you can leave it as messy as you need, in between art projects. Unlike when it’s in a room of the house – where you might feel obliged to pack all your materials  away at the end of each day.

    12. Build in bench seating

    she shed idea with bench seating and bistro table

    Image credit: Marcus Peel

    Make the compact space feel bigger by choosing built-in furniture solutions. For the perfect place to brunch and lunch alfresco dedicate the interior to entertaining. In this charming summerhouse a small bistro table is surrounded by bench seating that frames the space. Bespoke seat cushions and back rests ensure the bench is super comfy for all to sit back and relax.

    13. Plot up a corner for each hobby


    Image credit: Dan Duchars

    Tailor each corner to suit a preferred hobby. With a potting bench. one side to allow your green fingers to flourish. While in another corder you might prefer to fashion a craft corner with a shelving system to house all your arts and crafts accessories.

    14. Hang blinds for shade and privacy

    She-shed idea

    Image credit: David Brittain

    The first job of a blind is to screen out the glare of the sun and keep the space cool during the height of summer. But it also gives your she shed some security and privacy.

    15. Make thoughtful furniture choices


    Image credit: David Brittain

    A wooden table is a clever choice as it coordinates with your timber shed. Also,  should things get a little too relaxed and you spill or drop something, any stains and marks will only add to its rustic charm.

    This one’s big enough to serve a buffet, do a jigsaw or use for crafting. However, if you have a small shed, at least try to squeeze in a side table, giving you somewhere to rest a glass of vino.

    16. Find a quiet corner for a reading nook

    Image credit: Dan Duchars

    This cosy corner is the ultimate spot for a little day dreaming. Decorated in a srene shade of white this she shed design offers the perfect place to shade from the afternoon sun with a good book. If your shed has a mains power you can place a reading lamp overhead to allow for longer reading time.

    How much does a she shed cost?

    How much a she shed costs depends on the size and type you choose. If you’re repurposing a standard shed structure the costs can be kept lower, ranging anywhere from between £200 to £2000. If you’re looking to instal more of a garden room, with a mains supply and heating then costs are going to be significantly higher.

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