San Rafael Event Aims To Put Homelessness To Rest


SAN RAFAEL, CA — A San Rafael nonprofit group that works year-round to put homelessness to rest is asking residents to give up the comforts of their own beds for one night to help it meet that goal.

Ritter Center is holding its first-ever sleepout to end homelessness later this month.

The group is asking residents for one night to sleep on a floor in their home, decks or porches or camping out in their backyards. In other words, “spending the night any place other than their comfortable beds,” Ritter Center said in an announcement of the event.

“Under the Stars: A Sleepout to End Homelessness in Marin,” will be held July 31.

Ritter Center hopes to meet its $150,000 fundraising goal by asking residents to donate to their own “sleepout.” All of the funds raised through this initiative will support the Ritter Center’s housing, food pantry, and healthcare services.

The group has already provided over $567,000 in rental assistance to over 250 households impacted by the pandemic, Ritter Center Executive Director Mark Shotwell said in a statement.

The group as of Friday had already raised over $61,000 towards its goal.

The event “is designed to create a greater understanding of the challenges people experiencing homelessness endure, as well as the effort to prevent more individuals and families from becoming homeless,” Shotwell said.

“Although we can’t recreate what it is like to sleep on the streets, we can allow for a pause in our busy lives to reflect on the fact that it has become normalized in our society to walk by a human living on the streets.

“Together we can call for an end to homelessness in Marin County.”

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