Roofing – The Secret To A Successful Sale


In the currently lively New Zealand property market,
there are many things that both buyers and sellers have to
take into account in order to make the most of a sale or
purchase. It’s necessary to remember then that due to the
steep competition in the current market, and with many
sellers looking to sell their homes quite urgently, both
parties may very possibly miss important things that can
either improve or undermine the quality, desirability, and
ultimate ‘buy-ability’ of a home.

And one key
factor in this regard is a home’s roof. A roof in poor
condition can signal to potential buyers that a property is
not worth the money, may have other structural or
maintenance issues due to roofing problems impacting other
parts of the home, or that the house just doesn’t look as
appealing as other options. Such negative perceptions can
ultimately lead to a potential sale not happening. Sellers
would do well, then, to consider conducting overall
maintenance of their roofs and giving them a new coat of
paint before placing their properties on the

Not only would this improve a home’s curb
appeal, but may even prove the magic ingredient that tips a
buyer’s decision towards making an actual offer. Indeed,
if buyers are sure that a roof is not damaged, does not
leak, and has recently been done over with a good quality roof coating,
they may be far more willing to see a home as a viable

For sellers who cannot make such repairs
and upgrades to their roofs, however, all is not lost. Many
buyers actively seek out ‘less maintained’ homes
specifically to do the upgrades themselves. Sellers in this
case must then just be aware that if buyers have to fix,
paint, or even replace a roof themselves, this will lower
the amount they’d be willing to pay for the

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