Roofing communities for a greater cause

NS BlueScope has always had a keen focus on building a strong bond with the community at large.

During the pandemic, the company noted a large number of communities struggling to recover from the impact of the economic downturn.

NS BlueScope Malaysia Marketing vice president Ken Wong (left) and United Seasons Sdn Bhd managing director Ben Shariff Abdullah (right) – the companies behind the “Roofing Our Communities” initiative.

To address this issue, the company rallied industry players and unrolled its “Roofing Our Communities” initiative in partnership with the company’s official roof manufacturer, United Seasons Sdn Bhd and other partners – MKT Marketing Sdn Bhd and SkyBuil Sdn Bhd.

“Roofing Our Communities” is all about reaching out to help roof homes and community buildings that require new roofs, as proper shelter is a basic need and a necessity that enables those struggling to have a safe, secure and comfortable space to rebuild their lives.

The initiative aims to help improve the lives of communities and enable residents to live an improved lifestyle without needing to worry about the roof over their heads.

Ken and Ben explaining about the initiative and its aims.Ken and Ben explaining about the initiative and its aims.

NS BlueScope Malaysia Marketing vice-president Ken Wong said: “We believe having a proper shelter is more than just a roof over your head. The technology we have invested in our steel, such as heat reduction, allows for better comfort and longer-lasting use – this is meant for everyone to enjoy.

“We want to get industry players together to help people afford such basic needs as shelter and bring everyone together to see how we can contribute to the community around us. This is how ‘Roofing Our Communities’ came about.”

United Seasons Sdn Bhd managing director Ben Shariff Abdullah added: “This campaign appeals to us as a company and our sense of humanity and compassion to reach out and help others in need. This is a noble cause to help the people and community around us.”

A recipient of the roof replacement provided under the ‘Roofing Our Communities’ initiative.A recipient of the roof replacement provided under the ‘Roofing Our Communities’ initiative.

The initiative has been able to provide roof replacement for two residential buildings located in Negri Seremban.

This project involved a long value chain, starting from the material itself to the roof forming and installation using the right accessories and installers.

United Seasons and the other partners have taken a crucial role in this.

At each step of the process, everyone involved shared the same positive vision and absorbed the costs and labour incurred in the interest of bettering the community.

NS BlueScope country president, Koh Boon Hong commented: “Strength is choosing to do what is right with what we do best. Having a proper shelter especially during the rainy season is a basic and essential right but unfortunately, there are still those deprived of this.

With this initiative, we pledge to continuously contribute to the well-being of our communities.”

Members of the community have extended their heartfelt gratitude saying “it’s a very good campaign and we really appreciate it.”

“Thanks to BlueScope and the roof installers, we could celebrate the festival with each other more comfortably,” said a family who got a new roof just in time to celebrate Hari Raya.

Ben added: “We feel good knowing we have helped people in need. Business is not just about profit, it also means being aware of social issues and trying to help as much as we can.”

“Roofing Our Communities” is a recurring campaign and those who know of neighbours, friends or family in need can select them to be a recipient of a new roof when nominations are open.

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