Roofers extra busy repairing damage after snow, ice thaw


AUSTIN (KXAN) – Augustine looks very different today than last week. Snow and ice have disappeared, and now things are being cleaned up and repaired.

Austin Roofing and Construction said the company was particularly preoccupied with more calls than usual about leaky roofs and damage from fallen trees and branches.

Austin Water partially lifts the reference to boiling water

While this was a rare occurrence in Austin, the roofing company says it’s always good to make sure there aren’t any hanging trees near your home that could cause problems, especially if we anticipate severe weather.

They suggest walking around your house and checking to see if there might be any limbs hanging on your roof.

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“Just keep an eye on the trees,” said Luke Cress of Austin Roofing and Construction. “Where they are about to touch the roof, whether they touch the gutters, whether they rub against the shingles. We see a lot of weather damage where these trees weather these shingles. “

A branch falls on someone’s house in Austin after severe winter weather.

Having stagnant water from melted snow or ice can potentially cause problems too, especially on older roofs.

Also, check your attic to make sure there are no leaks

The roofing company says it is better to be proactive and take care of questionable trees before severe weather is forecast.

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