Roofers expect calls to rise after snow and ice storms


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – Calls to roofers ring as snow and ice build up and cause roof leaks.

Most leaks are caused by ice dams that build up in your gutters as the ice thaws and re-freezes. This will cause other melting ice to accumulate on your roof where it will enter your home.

There are a few things some homeowners can do to limit this damage until a professional can check it out.

“If you can go upstairs in your attic with a couple of buckets and some towels to soak up moisture, you may need to check them every few hours. This depends on how bad the leak is so it doesn’t get much worse.” the interior, “said Tim Leeper of Tim Leeper Roofing.

But roofers expect to wait after the ice has thawed – that’s when most calls come to roofers.

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