Roof Royale Expands to Roofing Services in San Antonio Tx – Press Release


Roof Royale, a trusted and certified roofing company based in Austin, Texas, is thrilled to announce that it has now expanded its services by bringing San Antonio residents into its business. The company now has a website at that will be well worth a visit for those in San Antonio.

“We’re not the only roofing company in San Antonio, of course,” said owner Tony Schlessinger, “but we believe we stand out from the crowd by offering a service that goes beyond most customers’ expectations.”

The company is expected to offer a wide range of roofing services. In addition to roof replacement, the company also offers roof repairs when necessary and appropriate. Roof replacement, of course, can be a major expense and not a view that many households enjoy. Another aspect of canopy that people fail to consider is that professionals like Roof Royale can handle roof maintenance in addition to repairs and replacements.

Mr. Schlessinger continued, “We don’t replace a roof when we don’t have to as it can help a family or business save thousands by choosing to repair rather than replace. Proper maintenance of a roof can certainly help maximize its lifespan, and that saves money too. “

Tawny Amerante, a customer of the company, gave an incredibly positive review. She wrote, “My husband and I are moving to Hutto Tx and the inspection report announced roof repairs. We called Roof Royale to get a quote. We received the estimate the same day and approved the repairs. You could get out the next day and complete the repair. I would recommend Roof Royale to my family and friends. Thank you for being quick and kind. “

Mr. Schlessinger also said, “We are a certified roof replacement company and we go out of our way to help homeowners get their roof repaired properly the first time. We understand the investment involved in buying a new roof and our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. “

Lee Stacy, another customer, said, “What sets the company apart is the fact that they actually care about the customer. They don’t pretend to care; they actually care. They try to help people and freely share their knowledge. “

An unfortunate truth is that most people who hire a roofing company make the decision based on price. A far better approach would be to check that a shortlisted company has the necessary license to do the work and that it offers guarantees and / or guarantees. Additionally, it makes sense to examine reviews from previous customers and see what they say about them and their work.

Reputable companies like Royale will always provide a written estimate. You always react quickly to calls, text messages or e-mails. Customers should always request a written estimate – a verbal estimate has potential problems.

Ms. Stacy also reported that in her “due diligence,” as noted above, she repeatedly invented Roof Royale. “I couldn’t even find a lukewarm review of this company. It was always very, very positive. “

The company has been so successful that it has grown every year. From the original base in Hutto to Austin to Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, San Antonio and College Station, Roof Royale has left a trail of satisfied customers.

Roof Royale is confident that it can provide the services any commercial or residential customer needs when it comes to replacing, repairing or maintaining roofs.

There is a lot of information available on the company’s website listing all of the services that the company offers. Everything from choosing a roofing material to whether or not a flat bitumen roof is the way to go in a commercial building. Anyone in need of roofing services or with any questions should visit the website where they can contact Roof Royale using their online web form or any of the phone numbers provided.


Further information on Roof Royale is available from the company here:

Roof Royale
Tony Schlessinger
(512) 379-7933
520 CR 108 unit 43
Hutto, TX 78634

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