Roeland Park is continuing work to replace the roofs of the pool house and the water center’s pump house for $ 35,000


The pump house and the pool house will receive a new roof.

By Holly Cook

Roeland Park councilors showed support during the workshop last week in approving a $ 35,184 contract with Eclipse Roofing to replace the roof of the city’s water center. City officials stressed that the contract would remove and replace the roof of the pump house and pool house and had nothing to do with the failed dome.

The city will only be responsible for half the cost of the roof replacement (approximately $ 17,600) while Johnson County Park and Recreation District will cover the other half.

Councilor Tim Janssen pointed out the importance of contractors cleaning up the site after the roof change and reminding city councils and staff that the area is used by barefoot swimmers.

City officials responded that Eclipse Roofing thought proper cleaning was imperative, saying the contractor planned to run a powerful magnet over the area to make sure there were no stray nails or other metal left behind.
Staff said work on the roof could begin in the next few weeks so the project can be completed by the first half of May.

The year-round pool has been closed since October after a wind storm damaged the dome beyond repair. The incident added to uncertainty as to whether the pool would stay open through winter and fall, as the city’s joint funding agreement with JCPRD is expected to be finalized by the end of May 2019.

The city’s Pool Advisory Committee is currently selecting a company that will provide professional assistance in understanding the options for operating the facility without the financial assistance of JCPRD.