Progressive Foam Launches Three New Lines of House Siding Insulation


BEACH CITY, Ohio, Oct. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Progressive Foam Technologies (PFT), the leader in siding insulation for vinyl siding, today announced three new lines of house siding insulation: two for plank-style sidings – Fullback FC for fiber cement siding, Fullback CW for composite wood siding; and one for steel siding – Fullback S.

The insulation system is installed between the siding and the sheathing or house wrap, and can add up to R-3.0 to wall systems, reduces overall air infiltration, and makes the existing insulation inside the home even more effective.  This insulated siding sandwich reduces energy usage, keeps moisture out while letting homes breathe naturally, and maintains a healthy, dry wall system. The expanded polystyrene (EPS) that makes up Fullback® siding insulation is completely recyclable and can be reprocessed for use in other products.

Counter-Acting the Natural Thermal Bridge

Contractors and architects have been adding depth to sidewall studs to incorporate additional insulation in the wall cavities, only to find out that the studs are actually contributing to the home’s energy loss. Heat bypasses the batt insulation in the home’s wall cavities and transfers through these studs, allowing energy to leak through the walls. This process is called thermal bridging.

Energy codes and standards across the country are requiring contractors in most climate zones to install a thermal break between the sheathing and the siding in 2×4 construction. This increased demand for energy efficiency has led to a ‘perfect storm’ for siding insulation. Energy Star for Homes Version 3.0 has recognized both insulating foam sheathing and insulated siding as a thermal bridge reducer.

Progressive Foam has for many years fulfilled growing consumer demand for energy-efficient green products with insulation for vinyl siding, and now expands the spectrum of product choices by transitioning to a siding insulation company that serves all claddings.  The new patented, high-performance siding insulation for plank-style sidings has been in development for several years, has been ruggedly field-tested, and comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

“Siding insulation can no longer be considered an option or an upgrade,” says Pat Culpepper, founder and president of Progressive Foam. “The time is right for a product that supplies additional performance and energy savings behind fiber cement, composite wood, and steel sidings, as well as vinyl.”

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