Polyglass and D&D Roofing collaborate on Shriner’s international project


Deerfield Beach, FL, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Polyglass USA, Inc., a leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems, has partnered with D&D Roofing, a roofer in Nevada, to provide a new roofing system for Shriner’s Kerack in Reno. Shriner’s International is a 501C organization made up of a network of regional chapters, run primarily by volunteers, providing support and services to those in need in the US and abroad.

For the Kerack project, the Polyglass Special Projects team concluded that the facility needed far more than the project budget could support and decided that it was important to provide support for the complicated roofing project. Polyglass offered to work with D&D Roofing on a completely new roof design that would meet Kerack’s requirements. D&D Roofing has developed a new roof design that includes components to reinforce the building membrane. They opted for a multi-layer modified bitumen roofing system with exceptional performance and high puncture resistance as opposed to the single-layer membrane previously considered.

After installing the insulation board, a layer of the self-adhesive (S) SBS base membrane from Polyglass was installed together with the Elastoflex® SA Base, a high-performance polyester reinforcement. In order to achieve superior weather and puncture resistance, the D&D Roofing crew installed an SBS granulate plate with a high-performance reinforced polyester mat (Elastoflex® S6 G) by means of fire, which effectively fused all layers of the assembly together as a monolithic layer 270 mil Membrane. The mixed color gives the finished roof UV resistance and a visually appealing appearance.

With Polyglass’ contribution by providing all of the modified bitumen and associated membrane accessories from Shriner for this project free of charge, the result was a much heavier roofing system. It also enabled them to re-roof the entire facility and make the necessary deck improvements to the building.

As a result of this important project, the local Shriner facility can continue to provide much-needed meeting and transportation services to children and their families, providing them with free medical care, and a low-cost meeting place for residents in the Reno / Sparks area, all without the worry of an annoying leaky roof

You can find more information about this project at: https://polyglass.us/project/shriners-kerack/


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