PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 1/8/21 (New Emporium Display Windows, Harper’s Mill Exterior Replaced, Switchboard Limited Release Mystery Pins, and More!)

Hello from a cool, windy day in the Magic Kingdom! Despite the chill in the air, we came out to see what might be new here and we were not disappointed. Let’s begin!

When we got into the park, we noticed immediately that the Christmas shop windows in the Emporium had been replaced.


The windows that were Christmas goods and decorations have become youth goods, while the windows that moved to 2021 Christmas decorations are now all 2021 themes.


At The Emporium we found some new merchandise to share with you. Our first find was this adorable bucket hat made from the same matted vinyl that is used to make the Disney Dogs and Cats raincoat. This makes this hat waterproof and goes perfectly with the jacket. It costs $ 29.99.

Phone cases-10

Next we found three phone cases. Two of these were these cases with built-in card holders on the back.

Phone cases-14

The third was this “I Love My Disney Dog” phone case with Pluto hanging over the top. You can find more pictures and information about these cases in our article here.


We found this new PopSocket with Grumpy from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to match the cell phone cases. It costs $ 14.99.


While we were in the Emporium, we discovered these talking Porg shoulder animals for toddlers. This is the first time we’ve seen these little guys outside the creature stall at the Black Spire Outpost. You were far from home!


Next we made our way to Tomorrowland, where we found more concrete work. This recently poured stain was about 12 feet from the stain we saw repaired on Wednesday.


We went to Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. to find out what new phone cases and shirts might be in the MaDe kiosks, but the whole system appeared to have crashed.


While we were there we found this new PopSocket with Tinker Bell. It costs $ 14.99.


Work on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority’s PeopleMover appears to be continuing before it reopens later this month. Some of the vehicles have been grouped into a seemingly suitable functional train, but other vehicles have been grouped in large numbers on other parts of the route.


We checked the menus in the park and found that the lingering Christmas churros at Peco’s Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe were finally gone, even though the regular “chocolate ladle churros” seem to use the Christmas churros image.

Filming at Hub-Ambassador-Magic-Kingdom-01082021-9600824

We spent most of the day filming The Hub with one of the Walt Disney World Ambassadors in the hot seat when we passed by.


Across the Rivers of America on Tom Sawyer Island, we found that Harper’s Mill had undergone an overnight renovation. The building has been given a completely new exterior, with fresh stained wood replacing the original exterior. The iconic painted sign “Harper’s Mill” has now disappeared from the building. You can find more pictures and information in our article here.


We found a new collection of Limited Release Pins across the street from the Frontier Trading Post. This is Switchboard’s Limited Release Mystery Pin Collection that “reveals and hides”.


Each box contains an uncovered pen and a mysterious pen.


Each Mystery Box is priced at $ 19.99.


We also found these adorable Disney Dog and Cat Open Edition Mystery Pin Boxes. Each box contains 2 randomly selected pins and is priced at $ 15.99.


In other pin messages, back at The Emporium, we found this Open Edition Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington “Love” pin for $ 9.99.


When we passed Pirates of the Caribbean, there were technical difficulties. It came back up later in the day.


We had a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom and hope you enjoyed coming with us. I wish you a magical day!

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