Patio cover ideas – ways to create shelter, shade and privacy in the garden

The best patio cover ideas will not only protect you from sun, rain, wind and cold, but they will also be a stylish feature of your garden that will enhance your outdoor space.

If you’re determined to use your garden for as long as possible this summer, a patio cover will help you shelter from both the late summer sun and the odd rain shower. 

‘Think of cover for a patio – and a shaded spot – as a multi sensory experience of sight, sound and scent,’ says award-winning landscape and garden designer, Sarah Eberle. 

Sarah’s patio ideas focus on creating a real sanctuary in your garden: ‘Trickling water or swaying grass will feel cooling, while foliage is good at absorbing heat. The aim is to create an area to relax in, so avoid busy bright colors and instead focus on texture, using green and paler blooms.’

For calming garden shade ideas, Sarah recommends using blues, ‘they look wonderful in the evening light, too.’

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