Paint trends for a calming home


FAMILY FEATURES – When it comes to home design, color can change anything. From subtle, clear hues and calming neutrals to soft greens and mid-tones with artistic qualities, a whole new style is just a brush stroke away. With the right color palette, you can transform your space to highlight contemporary trends while creating the ambiance you want.

Curated Clark + Kensington color palettes showcasing trendy looks for 2021 are heavily inspired by nature and natural materials like raw cotton, linen, wood tones and soft, peaceful green tones. The colors invite the best of nature, so you can create a personal sanctuary where you can relax and unwind.

Each of these three collections, put together by the experts at Ace Hardware, can help create a sense of calm and provide inspiration so that you can carefully incorporate color into your home.

Mindful Life

If you’re looking to add new levels of wellbeing to your life, the calming neutral and soft greens that make up this refreshing and cleansing palette may be just what you’re looking for. Fair Isle’s muted tone is a soft neutrality that goes well with a variety of colors, such as the inviting blue of the spruce, which resembles a richly forested mountainside. In addition, Swiss Coffee and Natural White offer neutral options that create a surprising sense of coziness, while Smokey Taupe and Playas de Cancun offer alternatives to add bold yet soothing colors to your space.

Understated impact

If minimalism and clean lines reflect your desire to simplify your surroundings, you are likely to be drawn to a “less is more” approach to design. This clear sensitivity allows you to focus on key elements of a room that are effective yet edited. To achieve this look, build your palette on slate-like grays and blues like Gothic Iron or a cooler slate with Magic Fountain. Options like Silent White and Abstract Gray add neutral warmth, while an earthy burgundy like Red Tulip or the deep, not-all-black tones of Midnight Stroll are ideal for creating a focal point.

Creative escape

This palette of mid-tone colors with artistic qualities is best for those who use traditional craft techniques and enjoy working with their hands. The eye-catching slate-blue midnight oil is reminiscent of waves crashing in the dark of the night, while the subtle gray takes on the slate-like tones more softly. As the name suggests, Fiddlehead Fern is reminiscent of lush vegetation, while Act Naturally and Caramel Apple add pops of color that match the streaks of an orange kissed sunset. The most subtle of this collection, Beach Cottage, has a light peach to pink tint that gives a neutral selection a unique character.

Each color in these palettes can be selected and ordered online from the convenience of your home by in-store pickup, roadside pickup, or delivery to your local store. Start with color swatches to test your colors on your walls in different locations and under different lighting conditions, then order your gallons and art supplies when you’re ready to complete your project. At you can find more inspiration and everything you need to transform your space with color.