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The Board of Trustees of the Island Free Library was briefed on building maintenance projects at a meeting on February 23, including, in particular, the two phases of window replacement work. New windows have been created for the first phase, the upper level of the back wall. In phase two, the remaining windows in the building will be replaced.

The windows are open ”, reported the chairwoman Lisa Nolan and quoted the library director Kristin Baumann. Nolan added that she and Vice-Chair Shirlyne Gobern “walked by separately to see that they were actually there, but the clapboards aren’t all there.”

Baumann said the contractor for the project, Lucas Silva, had been working to complete the first phase. “He was here, the windows were put in and straightened. He was there today [Feb. 23] He’ll be working on the disguise, and no doubt he’ll keep clapping. “

“He may have to return for a project in March or April, but then it will be a question of the second phase [for the project]: do we want to start it in summer? Autumn? “Asked Baumann.

“I’ve talked to him too and he’s getting some comparisons for the rest of the window prices from a few different companies,” said Gobern. “I have great faith in the work he does. Hopefully we will have these prices for the windows and clapboard at the next meeting. “

Nolan asked Gobern to arrange a meeting between Silva and the library building committee to continue discussions on the project.

“I have a feeling we shouldn’t put off any more than necessary,” said Nolan.

Gobern informed the trustees about the status of the repairs on the handrail at the back entrance.

“I have to [Public Projects Director] Tim Ferland from The Steel Yard and we signed a contract. I don’t know when he’ll be out, but he will come out to take care of the medallions. We asked to put the big bollard back on the back of the handrail, ”said Gobern.

“And to repair this broken last section as well [of the railing]Added Nolan.

Baumann went on to the library elevator.

“I want to go ahead and plan this repair,” said Baumann. “I understand from previous meetings that the city has the money and can pay for it.” On her call to The Times, Baumann said that Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corporation is expected to complete the repair, and they spoke to facility manager Sam Bird about the project.

“Sam Bird is trying to find out something. I am hopeful, ”said Baumann.

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