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Looking for a new home in 2021? You may see less radical changes in design trends, but one thing is certain: you will look at a home through different eyes. We all spend more time in our homes than ever before. Now it’s more important that our homes have comfortable zones that provide meaningful space. With the current emphasis on working from home, virtual classes for our kids, and Zoom meetings for everything from seminars to church services, dining rooms are now more often filled with computers than dishes, and bedrooms have become classrooms. We even look at walls and light sources in rooms differently because we need an appropriate setting for these virtual meetings.

So the design of residential buildings will change in 2021. Builders are reacting to the new way homeowners think about their floor space. “Dining rooms are becoming flexible spaces,” said Lewis Sadler of Sadler Construction. “We’re adding French doors so they can be closed for virtual classes, study areas, or computer setups if necessary. Depending on the preferences of the buyer, the chandelier that is usually seen in a dining room can be replaced with more casual lighting that gives workers better light. Even spaces that are typically set up as offices are now flexible spaces as home buyers may prefer to set them up for home schooling. “

The exterior gets a new look

Stone, which was so popular for outdoor use last year, is becoming less popular and giving way to painted brick. Board and lath siding is combined with brick siding in gables or other accent areas, but also used as a full front view. “This has become a very popular look,” said Sadler. “I used the white board and slatted siding vertically for my modern country house style and combined it with the black-framed windows that are now very popular too.”

Mary Gibson, designer at the Jim Allen Group, also points out that stone is still popular, but in new, lighter colors like white, soft gray, and creams. “Shakes are becoming less and less popular and we’re seeing the use of board and slat siding in its place,” she explained. “The black windows are popular with minimal lattice patterns and few shutters.”

Some homeowners have even repeated the black decor by painting the interior doors black as well. They complement the more popular contemporary designs from the industrial farmhouse, where the interiors are more monochromatic and clear, to the up-and-coming Grand Millennial style, where the interiors are a little more traditional but have a modern twist. “Front doors are getting simpler, with fewer sidelights and latches. “Younger buyers like double doors but without the formal look,” Gibson said. “Panes of glass still let in light and add to the decor of the entrance.”

Floor coverings set the tone like never before

There are now so many options for flooring that buyers get the look they want in every price range. While wood floors are the most popular, similar luxury vinyl plank (LVP) floors are becoming more common in homes and have become very popular. It comes in many quality levels depending on the price. The hardwood grain is cheaper and available in wider planks than wood. It is more resistant to moisture and damage. “We find that homeowners with pets and young children often prefer LVP for their floors because it looks the same, is easy to clean, and is scratch-resistant and bump-resistant,” said Gibson.

The wider wooden plank floors are also on the rise in high-quality homes. Then there are on-site finished wood floors that are more customizable in terms of stain colors, which will always be a classic.

Sadler used wood in his modern farmhouse to get the rustic character that he wanted. “The soil is grainy with the natural knots and light to dark shades,” said Sadler. “I felt it added to the character of the farmhouse.” He also effectively uses wood in ceilings and tongue and groove joists, both of which will be characteristic of 2021.

A new color palette will set the tone next year

Neutrals and earth tones will replace 2020 gray, colors designed to ease homeowner’s stress by 2021. Urban bronze is Sherwin Williams’ 2021 Color of the Year, Benjamin Moore picked Aegean Teal’s sunburned shades, and Behr’s 2021 Color Trends palette includes shades like the pale shell pink shade called Seaside Villa. While white walls dominate, those calming colors become apparent in wallpaper accents in dining areas and powder rooms. Accent walls in bedrooms or flexible rooms painted in these colors add to the zen feel of these rooms. However, don’t be surprised if you see marine walls or even black crocodile wallpaper.

Kitchens are still the heart of the home

Whites will still dominate kitchens in 2021, sometimes in colors like alabaster or blanche white. Even appliances will be white, although black and stainless steel aren’t gone yet. Hardware in the kitchen will be more minimalist, popular finishes are black, aged brass, softer gold tones and chrome, or a combination of these finishes. Even the lighting will reflect these combinations. “You will see lights that have mixed finishes like black and chrome or black and one of the shades of gold and even mixed finishes all over the house. Years ago you wouldn’t have thought of bringing black lights into the kitchen and chrome lights into the bathroom, but now anything is possible. The newest addition to our kitchen is the scullery, ”said Gibson. This small space, the size of a pantry, contains a prep area, microwave, sink, the occasional refrigerator, and space for food prep. Devices and accessories for preparing food are also stored on shelves and cupboards. “This was very popular with homebuyers,” Gibson said.

Bathroom tile really makes a statement

Hi there! 1920 called! They want their tiles back! It’s the new craze for 2021. The retro patterns are not only offered in bathrooms, but also in accent areas in kitchens, fireplace cladding or drop zones, and are available in geometric or floral designs. They definitely add to the pizzazz of the room. “We find the tile very popular,” says Gibson. “We installed it in a kitchen as a backsplash behind an oven, on a full bathroom wall behind a bathtub, and on bathroom floors. In any case, it really contributed to the decor of the rooms. “

Sadler agrees. “We put the honeycomb tile from the 1920s – the little hexagonal tile – on the walls and floor of a bathroom in a house, and it looks really good. It was even the butterscotch color. Our customer was very happy with the effect. “

Many future master bathrooms will not include a bathtub, a trend that started in 2020. Gibson did, however, describe wet areas, a new trend for some builders. “These are areas where the shower and bathtub are enclosed together in glass to keep any wet floors off and off the usual walkways in the bathroom. With a wet room you can optimize the space in your master bathroom. Our homebuyers really loved them. “

Photo courtesy of the Jim Allen Group

Exposed lightbulbs are still popular

Lighting fixtures with exposed bulbs are still in place, but the styles are different. In combination with the metal structures in black, bronze or gold in open designs with lightbulbs in many styles and sizes, lights are interesting elements in room decoration and contribute to its use. As wild as a Sputnik chandelier for a modern horizontal bathroom light fixture, lights will definitely express the homeowner’s personality in 2021. Smart home lighting will continue to be popular as technology in home design grows.

Photo courtesy of the Jim Allen Group

Even friends have to be six feet apart

In this craziest year, we learned a whole new standard of entertainment. Coming together took on a completely different meaning. We won’t meet friends in the living room for a drink or sit at the dining table with family members telling stories from the day. We need to find ways to expand and new trends in home design in 2021 will reflect that.

Screened and covered porches, even lavish ones with fireplaces and grills, become really important entertainment areas when you add retractable accordion doors to the wall that separate the area from the living room or family room. In combination with these luxurious open-air rooms, the homeowner can now comfortably distribute his guests. “This has become one of the most important aspects of outdoor living for homebuyers,” said Sadler. “The connection between these two areas increases the well-being of the guests for home entertainment. You can move around and sit further apart for a more comfortable experience. “

“Sliding doors can create a whole new area of ​​entertainment for homeowners,” agrees Gibson. “When these doors are open, the space in the family room triples, people can go freely inside and outside and have more space to collect and spread out. Home buyers make them a living space in which they feel more comfortable. “

We’re seeing outdoor kitchen areas with built in grills, beverage fridges and / or refrigerators, and the popular outdoor fireplace or fire pit, “continued Gibson. Today homeowners are increasingly thinking about the ability to spread out while entertaining.

What will the future bring?

Who knows where we’ll be by the end of 2021? Hopefully back to school, go to church and eat more. But some things can never change. Working at home may be more common than ever and the need to accommodate this in our homes remains. The fact that we’ve been home so much can mean we feel different about our home, how we live as a family, how we entertain, and how the layout and design add to our level of comfort.

The purchasing decisions we make now will add to this future lifestyle.

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