National Curb Appeal Month encourages garage door replacement


August is National Curb Appeal Month, reminding people that garage doors prove a solid investment for both new construction and remodeling projects. Photo courtesy Haas Door

National Curb Appeal Month in August is an appropriate time to discover the value of replacing an older, worn out garage door. A new garage door can substantially increase the curb appeal of a home, while also being a solid investment.

According to the 2021 Cost Versus Value Study, coordinated by Remodeling magazine, a garage door replacement project is the project with the highest recoup value for homeowners across the country.

“This study reports that when homeowners replace an older garage door, they can recoup an average of 93.8 percent of their expenditure,” says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. “These numbers confirm that adding a new garage door to an existing home is a smart decision. Investing in a new garage door has payback, brings added value to a home and enhances a home’s curb appeal.”

One way a new garage door boosts a home’s value is by strengthening its curb appeal. Since the garage door is often located on the front of the house exterior, it’s a major element of the home’s overall style. Because of “prime location,” adding a new garage door can upgrade the entire look of the home exterior.

“There are so many different design elements for garage doors in today’s marketplace,” says Nofziger. “There are many styles and stamped design options to choose from. Windows with a variety of colors, along with privacy and impact glasses, are very popular and complement the overall design of the home.”

While adding significantly to curb appeal, a well-built garage door can add insulation value to the home and protection from severe weather.

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