Millennials Are Choosing to Build Custom Homes in Droves, Here’s Why!

More and more millennials are hiring a custom home builder instead of purchasing existing real estate

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Birmingham, AL — (ReleaseWire) — 05/05/2022 — Millennial homebuyers have emerged in recent years in record numbers, so it’s become clearer how the young adult generation will continue to play a significant role in America’s ever-changing real estate market. What’s safe to say is that millennials are rather particular home shoppers, because many want eco-friendly properties featuring cutting-edge technology that also speaks to their unique tastes and needs in terms of neighborhood convenience and intrigue.

It seems like Millennial homebuyers truly want it all, and it’s a major reason why countless Millennials are choosing to invest more in their property purchases through new construction and custom homes as opposed to more conventional home shopping approaches. JAM Construction is a Home Builder Birmingham AL that has supported hundreds of young home shoppers with 100% customized homes, and their insights have proven to be priceless in terms of deciphering why Millennials are choosing to build custom homes instead of established real estate.

Below are a few important reasons why Millennials are choosing to build custom homes:

Buyers Choose Literally Everything Within Custom Homes

When a home shopper builds a new home, they’ll have several choices for things like countertops, cabinets and plumbing fixtures; however, with custom homes, the buyer chooses literally everything.

Millennials truly are a very autonomous generation that wants to control their living space to coincide with their lifestyle, work and family needs. Custom homes are now providing many younger families with that exact type of flexibility!

Custom Homes Make Going Green A Lot Easier
One big reason why Millennial home shoppers are partnering with custom home builders is because they want to lower their heating and cooling costs and have a living environment that’s incredibly energy-efficient. It’s no secret that older homes were built with much different standards, and modern custom homes give young families incredible flexibility to be eco-friendly with things like landscaping, appliances, solar panels, flooring, lighting and much more!

Custom Homes Often Feature Cutting-Edge Tech Toys
Today’s custom homes feature all sorts of cutting-edge technology, including home automation systems. Although many homes have these types of systems today, they often require upgrades every couple of years that a lot of home shoppers find annoying.

Building a custom home gives young homebuyers the opportunity to invest in a very high-quality automation system that will last for the foreseeable future, and this means that entertainment, lighting and security will all be easier to manage with just a few clicks on a smartphone!

Avoiding Expensive Renovations & Repairs
The vast majority of Millennial homebuyers want a home that’s perfectly ready to move into, and this is why countless young home shoppers avoid properties that require extensive renovations or repairs.

Custom homes are also known for being built using incredibly durable products and with state-of-the-art building engineering, so Millennials are skipping the hassles of fixer-uppers and investing more in their new home construction.

Buyers Choose The Location Of Their Custom Home
One of the top reasons for building a custom home is to have the freedom of building in a preferred location, and this is very appealing for Millennial home shoppers. Location is everything for young homebuyers today, and having the ability to find a piece of land that works best is priceless for many young families.

Millennials Really Are Able To Afford Custom Homes?
Contrary to popular belief, custom homes aren’t necessarily out of most people’s home shopping budgets. Millennials are simply doing the extra research to find general contractors that specialize in custom homes and will work within their unique budgets, and it’s undoubtedly paying off for them.

Custom homes can of course still come at pretty hefty prices, but careful financial planning is making this type of home investment more manageable for Millennials and their budgets!

About JAM Construction & Roofing
JAM Construction & Roofing is a construction company that specializes in building new residential properties from the ground up. Their office is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and their company leaders are available for comment regarding the surge of Millennial custom home buyers.

JAM Construction & Roofing can be reached via phone 205-379-8877 or by visiting their offices at:

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