Marvel Snap Hobgoblin deck guide | The best Hobgoblin decks in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is an online collectible card game featuring countless Marvel heroes and villains. While the meta of any card game can indicate the most powerful cards over a period of time, it is possible to win games using cards for the pleasure of having a particular character in your deck, or for the type of skill or playstyle they have: enter Hobgoblin decks.

Hobgoblin has the ability “On Reveal: Your opponent gains control of this.” This is a characteristic effect that has similarity only to one other card, Green Goblin.

The game’s designers thought about character characterizations to develop their abilities and reducing the power of an enemy side location while occupying one of their spaces can be very satisfying for some types of players.

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Use your ability to frustrate many opponents. Here are some deck ideas using Hobgoblin.

Best Hobgoblin decks in Marvel Snap

Hobgoblin is a five-cost card with eight minus power available from pool two. This means that there is no way to use it during pool one. Your ability to be taken to the enemy’s side can be devastating to that location’s power struggle. However, some care is necessary.

Since its cost is high, Hobgoblin will usually be played on turns five or six. This means that the chances of having crowded places are high, especially when facing zoo-type decks that fill the board quickly overall. If Hobgoblin is played during a round in which the opponent has also played a card in the same location so the Hobgoblin has no space, it will remain on your side of the field, most likely followed by an enemy Snap. It does not matter in which order the card effects are activated, as all effects are only activated after the cards are placed.

It is also necessary to be aware of what kind of deck you are facing, as the effect of Hobgoblin is on reveal. An Odin played in the location where there is a Hobgoblin causes him to go to the opposite side, so opponents can turn the spell against the sorcerer.

All cards listed in the following decks are replaceable and must be adapted according to each player’s collection and playstyle.

Hobgoblin location secure pool two

Screengrab via Marvel Snap Zone

The other pool two cards in this deck are Sunspot, Scorpion, and Storm.

The strategy is simple and revolves around small combos to secure locations while hindering the opponent.

Hobgoblin will usually be used on turn five to destabilize an opposing location while America Chavez can finish with nine added power, for a combined total of 17 power difference. To be effective, the important thing is to think about where the Hobgoblin will be used and what are the possible consequences of this move. Due to its unusual mechanics, many locations interact with Hobgoblin in interesting ways.

Korg, Yondu, and Scorpion are the cards that have the ability to disrupt the opponent. They have a common synergy, as while Yondu eliminates a card from the opponent’s deck, Korg adds a Rock, and this interaction increases the chances that the opponent draws a Rock. When they are played together on turn two, Yondu’s effect must be activated first, lest you risk eliminating a Rock from the opponent’s deck.

A simple and efficient combo is to combine Lizard with Punisher. If the opponent wants to weaken Lizard, he will eventually strengthen Punisher, in addition to committing four cards in one location.

Storm has interesting possibilities. His ability activates before location effects, so it is possible to turn a problematic location into neutral. Other combinations are to use Storm in a location where Sunspot has been played, as he can gain more power if necessary to win in the location when it is already closed. And playing Jessica Jones after Storm grants a good amount of power, with chances of securing a locale on their own.

Armor is present to defend Sunspot or your other one-cost cards from opposing Killmongers. And Enchantress is the perfect card to take on the popular Devil Dino decks.

Hobgoblin anti-meta pool three

Screengrab via Marvel Snap Zone

The pool three cards in this deck are Mysterio, Green Goblin, Sera, and Doctor Doom.

The idea behind this deck is to be as reactive as possible to the opponent’s strategies. With powerful options to counter the most common cards present in the meta of Marvel Snap. It is necessary to know the most popular decks to try to predict what your opponent is going to do and play accordingly.

Both Hobgoblin and Green Goblin have the powerful ability to make the opponent lose power and space on their board and they should be played in suitable locations.

Nova and Killmonger are a popular and powerful combination. Nova can be destroyed on turn six to increase the power of all your other cards on the board. It can also be a countermeasure against an opposing Killmonger to balance the possible effects of a Nova on either side of the field. So when facing a destroy deck it may not even be necessary to play Killmonger and expect your opponent to do it for you.

Storm and Jessica Jones combo can also be modified to Storm and Juggernaut if you already have it in your collection. Both Mysterio and Doctor Doom are cards that fill your side of the board, in addition to having good values, a full location can prevent a Goblin from returning when facing a deck on reveal with Odin.

Shang-Chi is the perfect counter to popular cards like Black Panther and Devil Dino. Despite not having very powerful stats, if played on turn six it can leave the opponent unresponsive.

Sera is the card that allows many responses to the opponent in the final turn. Decreasing the cost of all the cards in your hand allows you to play combinations involving up to three cards, surprising your opponent.

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